Original Divine Blueprint

Accessing your Original Divine Essence

"Azure.Azur" Linda Halliburton

Spiritual & Shamanic Counselor

Metaphysical Healer

Earth Sensitive with Prophetic Visionary Power

Divine Alchemist for the Elementals: water, air, fire, earth, akasha

Sacred Geometry Expertise using Divine Mathematical Alchemy


Purpose for retrieving the Original Divine Blueprint of Soul

To restore the numerical sequence within your own sacred geometric structure.  This is the divine template that sustains your own personal holographic matrix.  All bodies and levels of consciousness are held within this template.   As we gradually retrieve and thus restore this Original Divine Blueprint the easier it becomes for us to allow the blissful merging of our Spirit into the physical, astral & soul body  (Download-2001-2003).  (Geometry Creations download yr 2000)  (Preparation for download 1992-1996) (Executed 1st stages: 1996-2000)

Restoring the Original Divine Blueprint of Soul equals to Ascension:

Accomplishment of Goals During Healings

Integrating the Divine is one of my main goals in performing the healings that I do. Allowing the gradual merging of the highest level of your spirit (to the level that you are ready to receive) while I anchor the energies of Divine Source Energy is one of the base modalities that takes places at the core of each session. GEOMETRY

My duties as a channel are to bring certain healing energies into the planet in order to assist others into moving quicker through their own personal activations while reaching  higher levels of spiritual awareness and growth. 

When ready we will unify the bodies and re-align them with the Unified Field of Light at whatever level you are ready to receive.  These include unification of the personal, planetary, solar, galactic, universal &/or cosmic fields of light, reaching all the way up & into the perfectly geometrically structured ‘superhighways’ of heaven.  These super-highways are the golden gateways of light leading into God-Creator-Mansions of divine “nervanic" consciousness. *

As one clears the possibilities are many that unified alignments will automatically take place. Some unification process becomes available as an automatic systematic ‘gifting’. This reward is released as a 'cycle' of completion & final confirmation from your Spirit, other times it is a request that we’ll do specifically in times of need.  (Spring 2001)

My healing and clearing dedication to Spirit began in 1992. Fully devotional - 1996!   Self training with My Spirit & my core Elohim/Angelic Group - year 2000!

Accomplishing the Divine Merge:

During each session we do a 'gradual' merging of your spirit but in order for the body to be fully open to receive one's Spirit "in its entirety" one needs to become cleared and healed at the lower level of consciousness.  The lower levels are held within the consciousness of the four lower bodies:  the physical, mental, emotional and astral

Within this simple dimensional configuration we include the Ego and Inner Child which are also connected to the 4 lower bodies and reside within their sphere of base harmonic consciousness.

The restrictive ''time continuum'' of the (lower overtone levels) of the 4th dimension  is what holds the lower bodies in karmic alignment with the planets of our solar system.  As time continues to speed up & we move closer to the ascension cycle (2012-2017) the time is ripe to release all such adverse alignments - giving us the chance to retrieve the Angelics of our Core Divinity.   (Info download 2001)

We are speaking about retrieving the ORIGINAL divine blueprint of soul; the Glorious imprint of our Original Divine Essence.   Healing the lower bodies is essential for this process.

Please see the links below for further information on the healings that I offer.



1. Physical Healing  -  2.  Clearing of Miasms  -  3. Soul Injury Healing  -  4. DNA Clearing/Activation & Divinity Infusion  -  5. Electromagnetic Restoration & Photonic Circuit Activation  -  6. Adverse Astrological Influence Planetary Clearing



1. 12 Dimensional High Frequency Modulator  Device. -  2. Water Alchemy Healing. 3. Holographic Matrix Restoration & DNA Program Access Registration.

4. Other Modalities of healing  -  5. Daily Meditation striving rituals


Indigenous Berber Heritage - Healing Informational Matrix.


Saluting All Tribes

The Astral Body & Soul versus Spirit

My healing work as a Berber


Ultimate Divine Purpose 

To Retrieve the Divine Pristine Aesthetics of Mother Earth through Global & Personal Purification.  Assisting with the Activation of Her 'Original Divine Blueprint' as she Ascends into the Worlds of Divine Integrity - physically ascending from 5th to 12 dimensional realms & ''beyond''.

~As above so below~



Advanced Sacred Geometry Activations

July 2001-2005 download  


Divine Earth Healings/Planetary Holographic Matrix Realignment!

Divine Personal Healings - Realigning the Human Subatomic Structure for Zero Point Polarity!

Sacred Geometry Expertise Used for Spin Point Activation & the Dropping of the Sub-atomics. 

Divine Mathematical Alchemy used to upgrade the numerical sequence within the DNA structure for the reawakening of the Immortal Codes and Eternal Youth Programming!

Genius Code Program Activation!

Core Radiance Activation allowing for the  reassertion of Divine Aesthetics and Dynamic Youth Proportions into the DNA Programme!   As above so below.


And the Blue Road Home

Saluting All Tribes


"Received: yr 2000-2001"

1.  Universal Peace via Inner Light quotient increase.    

2.  Visualizing the Ultimate (genetic) Race for Multi-universal Christ Consciousness.     

3.  Declaration of Peace to All Nations.  

4.  Activation of the Frequency Bands of Divine Abundance to the entirety of the globe.   

5.  Christ Grid development extending to all continents via 'axiatonal' alignment at the 5th dimensional level and beyond.  The 'axis' is the 5th dimensional circulatory system of earth's body.  At the physical level "She" resides within 3D & connects with the lower astral realms of the 4th.  These are not desirable dimensions for the earth to be stationed.  It is time to move forward - into her Soul Body in the higher dimensions...  (5D & beyond).     .......

6.  Spatial Axial-tonal level of Cosmic Christ Soul Alignment ... gateways of heaven released via geometric structured mathematical perfection.  As above so below!  (up page)

In service to the Divine Plan of Ascension

Retrieving the Original Divine Blueprint of Soul

Copyright © 2001 by Azure.Azur Linda Halliburton



1. 12 Dimensional High Frequency Modulator Device. -  2. Water Alchemy Healing. -  3. Other Modalities of healing. 4. Daily Meditation striving rituals

Saluting All Tribes

and the blue road home














1. Physical Healing  -  2.  Clearing of Miasms  -  3. Soul Injury Healing  -  4. DNA Clearing/Activation & Divinity Infusion  -  5. Electromagnetic Restoration & Photonic Circuit Activation  -  6. Adverse Astrological Influence Planetary Clearing  -  7. Holographic Matrix Registration & DNA Program Access R.

8.  Advanced Sacred Geometry Activations


Akashic record clearing & healing Negative Entity Release - Anti-Christ Imprint Deletion

Informational Matrix Cellular Clearing.  This is done at all three levels; cellular, soul and past life.  (At the soul level it also reaches the Akashic records)

Incarnational Grid Karmic Matrix Removal and Clearing.

Inner Light Body Activation and Divinity Infusion.  This is done at the deepest level of your DNA and cellular structure.  Holy Spirit visitations occur during this time.

Restoration of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within the body mass composites at the etheric level of harmonic consciousness.  This assures the insertion & anchoring of the powers that entail such divine union of polarities. 

Core Radiance Activations:  This entails the reassertion of Divine Aesthetics and Dynamic Youth Proportions into the DNA Programme.    The Eternal Youth Codes along with the aesthetics derived from Original Divine Identity are reawakened, reasserted & upgraded in this program.

"Information received through personal training with My Elohim Angelic Essence: 1996-2005.  Higher level training: 2005-2010!"

In addition to all clearings we will also open any closed systems within intelligent biological make up that have been closed due to ego-based programming & illusionary patterns of survival.    The lack of proper pranic flow & oxygenation in the bodies are a true example of the many closed systems localized in certain areas holding this restriction. 

All healings are performed at a holographic level, encompassing all dimensions, time lines, planetary systems and the void. Affecting the Quantum Hologram of dimensions 1-12.   


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'Azure.Azur' Linda Halliburton

Member: Upper-Dimensional-Council’s of Light Serving the Ascension process across universes and planetary systems where the 'Most Divine' dictates. Now serving Beloved Terra; Project Mother Earth.

Payment Information



I am ''gradually" resuming healings this year 2013.

Please ONLY send payment AFTER your session has been scheduled.  

The following is what transpired all last year: 2012 - during TIME OUT!

I am taking time OUT to further my own clearing & personal activations.  Such committed endeavors are accommodating the downloading of brand new Ascension Programs & Updates. 

Purpose: Time Out for Receivable Contract Activation for the New Ascension Cycle now emerging: 2012-2017.   PersonalBody-EarthBody-CollectiveBody! 

Operational Endeavor now in Action:

Shutting down, shutting off and closing all doors leading to infernal passages.  These are passages disrupting the divine frequencies of ascension ruining our divine missions & the merging of our spirits.   All darkness & frequency Control ends now.

Darkness is Done - Collapsed on itself!  -  I command it Eternally Final.

Note of advice: Do not compromise your space; Please claim your territories in the name of Biological Ascension - Christ Conscious Freedom & Divine Benevolent Integrity & Intention! 

Live: Purity, Peace, Freedom!

I will post here when I will resume sessions!

Thank you - May the Blessings BE!

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Copyright © 2001 by Azure.Azur Linda Halliburton

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