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The 3rd Dimensional Planetary Matrix:


August, 2004!

The 3D Planetary Matrix is the earth's restrictive systematic imprint of many egotistic patterns & behaviors.  It is "the system" that is now composed of many banking institutions - the Federal Reserve Bank and its puppet link: the IRS - Bush Father and "his" entire OLD administration - most areas & aspects of the federal government (& the monopolized corporations that now owns them) - the pharmaceutical companies - FEMA - the American Medical Association - the Food and Drug administration (FDA) - Monsanto - Microsoft - & all other organizations that are financially benefiting from the limits that the people suffer.    

As such the 3rd dimension is now collapsing.  Since we are moving upwards inter-dimensionally the corruption that has thrived within 3D can no longer be sustained.  This is so because the physical dimensions of the 6D worlds cannot allow any ego base modalities in its realm.  The 6th dimension is a realm where the non-polarized effects of unconditional love is fully present; therefore any form of consciousness that would corrupt such benevolent intent will be voided, cancelled and/or destroyed.   Corruption simply cannot exist in the 6th dimension therefore it is now "self" destroying through the process of its own extreme self serving mechanisms and malignant input .

The negative projection in the 3rd dimension is increasing and as such it is collapsing on itself.   Consequently the good/positive projections are also increasing and as such they are making their shift into the physical door of the 5th dimension & away from the destruction that is happening at the 3D level.

3D will one day cease to exist while 6D continues to increase in benevolence and goodness!  Once we pass the 4th dimension and enter into the 5th; here from the 5th dimension we make a quantum jump into the 6th.   The 6th dimension is the realm of divine unconditional love that we the people (with our benevolent intent) bring into the earth as a merging of dimensions.  It is a process of bridging heaven with earth and earth into  heaven.   It is a merging of the two.  While 3D has no potential to bring any higher dimensions into its realm it has no other alternative but to collapse & ultimately cease to exist.  This is the collapse that we are all seeing... it is a collapse of the bad and corrupted..!  All the corporations and their systematic "self serving" creations that you see collapsing need to go for they were created for the benefit of "one sided receivable energy" and not for the highest good of all concerned.  

So don't worry!   Allow the restriction of the self-serving created "system" to go and disappear as you continue to replace it with the goodness of divine intention!.

**I must also bring another level of corrupted frequency into this message.  This is regarding another 3D institution that has been increasing in corruption.   The educational system at the university level is also a very corrupted system that disrupts the divine abundance of co-creative Consciousness.   This institution is held by those in sits of power that do not work in accordance with universal law & cosmic balance!   Their monetary systematic receivable "energetic" effects are not in perfect accord with the souls that have to pay so much to receive their services!   The exchange of monetary energy between the student and the organization is not a balanced system that resonates with Universal law nor the Divine Will which ultimately sustains all nature!.  

People are becoming restricted when finding ways to pay for this "sort" of education!  The results are very harming to the nature of universal flowing consciousness, the biorhythm of cosmic laws and natures & in connection to the soul in question; the student!   

These are just some of the 'organized' systems in our world that hold and sustain this matrix of 3rd dimensional restrictive consciousness (earth matrix - the system).  

As you will see the collapsing will continue until we make a complete shift into the 5th dimension.  This shift will transpire at the mass collective level that will ultimately affect the entirety of our world and the galaxy that it inhabits.  By 2012 and into 2017 the shift into another level of axial sustainability will have been triggered allowing the earth to complete its "physical" passage into the dimensions way beyond the 5th and 6th!    These are worlds where only benevolence, divine unconditionality and peace prevails above all!  

As just mentioned; the shift needs to transpire at the "physical" level.   At the spiritual and mental level most of us are already delving into even higher dimensions extending up into the 59th and beyond.  But physically we are not yet past the 4th.   We need to reach the 5th dimension "physically" and release the 3rd completely.  Gracefully and blissfully we can ask for this to happen.  

Allow your inner world to shift into this level of divine benevolence.  As you shift your own inner mechanics within your own cellular composites through the shifting of your consciousness; the world outside yourself will reveal what you hold & nurture!   Eventually you will find yourself in the dimensions holding such levels of divine nurturance that the 3D reality will be an invisible force for you.   You will not encounter the karmic relationships nor the "sticky" connections that can only happen in the 3rd.  Now in the higher dimensions your relationships will be fluid; they will be clear and pristine; they will be fulfilling & magical all in one!   -Peace will prevail above all and harmony will finally be the order of the day!

Divine relationships will nurture each other and restore the lack of co-creative spiritual partnership that seems lacking in 3D reality.   

This was written in service to the Divine Plan!


Copyright 2004 by Linda Halliburton

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