The 4 lower bodies basic information:

The physical, mental, emotional and astral:

These are the aspects of self that dwell 'below' the 4th dimension. 

There are 12 basic overtone levels to each dimension.     The lower overtone (most undesirable) levels of of 4D are registered within: 1.0 up to 5.0 overtone level of harmonic triggered consciousness.   When the 4 lower bodies are separated from the higher Christ Identities the astral at 4D is separated from the soul at 5D. 

In addition: at its 4D station 1/2 of the astral body is integrated within these questionable lower overtone realms & 1/2 dwells within the upper regions just above & closer to the soul.  There needs to be a merging in order to allow holographic merging of the higher bodies well beyond the soul at 5D - then higher into 12D & beyond.

3D is where the 'density' of physical biology exists AND the lower overtone levels of 4D connecting the 3D is where karma plays havoc!


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