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The spiritual dangers of stereo bass projections.

From: HAARP activity & inactive implants

The bass system in your CD player, television stereo unit, computer, car (etc) is one area used to amplify HAARP activity.   When the bass system is used for this type of frequency control; it has the capacity to shut down the solar plexus.   The solar plexus is the power point (specific chakra #3) where sensitivity to one's outer environment is more prevalent. 

If you listen to music and are serious about staying "clear" just listen through the regular volume without increasing the bass projector.   The cheaper and older the device you use for listening the better for your protection.   

The more you clear and the more pristine your fields are the more sensitive you will become to these projections.   Being sensitive does not mean that you are ''weak''; it simply means that your fields are too refined & too pure to allow such negativity!    The discomforts that are felt 'consciously' are simply a sign that you are more advanced spiritually and in higher attunement with your spirit than were previously accustomed.  

If you are not 'yet' to that level of attunement & you are serious about shifting spiritually just be watchful of how your bodies "react" when using such electrical devices; sound frequencies included!    If you are not bothered by any of this; than this means that HAARP activity is working way deep into your subconscious...  Unless one is attuned fully to their spirit they will never know what negative input HAARP activity is projecting unto them.     This lack of feeling is a form of "sleep" (spiritual numbness).  

Not being able to feel such negative electrical input enter into one's systems means that we are not yet that awakened.   Once we experience such discomforts (at the physical level) this means that we are more awakened for now we are able to "feel" what is really going on behind the scenes (the hidden has now become visible for we now ''feel'' what is energetically active in our previously unperceived environment).  It is a gift to feel these things; but this is also considered a curse when one does not yet know what is transpiring for the pain sometimes is just too much to take. 

Being informed is key for accepting the advancement that is taking place as we awaken!   As we awaken we then are able to discern all that is allowed in our environment.   At such levels we keep ourselves protected as we teach the ones we share space and living quarters.  We can go a step further and teach them how to neutralize and make a complete dissolution of such frequencies, but unless they are ready to receive this knowledge they will only be bored while they receive such information.   If they are not attuned with what is going on inside of them apart from the physical pleasures that can be felt at the lower levels they will not only be bored but they will often wonder what the big deal really is regarding all this HAARP activity. 

Take a look at the animal kingdom; one example are cats.  Cats feel very deeply; they are sensitive creatures!  This is so because they dwell not only in our physical dimension but they step forth into the inner realms and back again.  They have the capacity to align with their Core Spirit Group essence and as such are connected at all levels.  

Electrical disturbances disturb cats very much... if one could talk (well they do we just don't listen) one could learn a lot about energies, the inner realms, the animal kingdom and many things related to the invisible! 

So don't be surprise if any of your brothers or sisters walking this earth with you is sensitive of "certain" areas of your unknown toxic environment.  Since cats are not listened too; maybe listening to one of your advanced human friends will bring enlightenment to your world.   Being different does mean that they are weird; for they are probably more normal (the original intended way) & closer to their spirit essence as compared to the rest of the population who in fact have simply "briefly" deviated from their spirit.  

At the most extreme levels of deviation certain beautiful souls have fallen sleep into a very 'comfortable' spiritual coma.   Warning: One must not enter into their ''comfort zones'' unless Karmic Law suggests is time.  

Some of us are here as "Awakeners".   We gently 'tap' on those that are ready to be triggered for awakening.   If you have a friend who is trying to wake you up too abruptly just tell them.  It is against karmic law to interfere with anyone's sleep unless their spirit had suggested activation.   If you are too harshly being 'tapped' just tell them nicely to be gentler.   By Universal Law they must either leave you to continue sleeping or assist you to the level you are ready to receive such 'tapping'!

If this level of knowledge is absurd to you; then wait until you are more united to your spirit.  It would be as if finally you have awakened from a very deep sleep and a new world just developed.   You will pretty much feel just about EVERYTHING; the good, the bad and the ugly!    Feelings that you were never accustomed before will allow you to register information in different ways that will lead you to your (cosmic) psychic power.   This will automatically trigger a deeper illumination of the inner mind center.   The one that was retaining the rest of the 85% of your brain holding capacity.   Areas of the brain that were 'dormant' from the time of birth into the time of your now present soul awakening! 

When the soul is sleep so is this part of the brain.  During the awakening process it is not only the part of the sleeping soul that is awakened;. it is this area of the brain that gets to awaken as well.  This is the part of the brain that was sleep with the rest of the comatose level of consciousness.   Walking up these immense amount of brain holding capacity allows for other levels of awakening to take place consecutively.   These triggering effects for awakening includes the DNA and all levels of its previous closed programming.  From the DNA comes the light codes that entail transmission from its previous closed formatted cells (& their shut down electrical impulses) into the spiraling spinal nerves and myelins.  From there the information goes up through the spinal nerves into the brain holding capacity where the dormant files are ready for the registration of what is now being transmitted.

This is part of what makes one so very sensitive at all levels (mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually).   With these levels of increased awareness it is hard not to feel electromagnetic frequencies even when others have no clue of what's transpiring.   Numbness of soul goes away at such levels of spiritual maturity.  At these such levels of maturity increased 'deep feelings' are now truly irreversible.  Now empathic FEELING is the ruling element in one psyche.

At this point of awakening you will start to feel different, more intelligent, more sensitive, more aware and alive!   Things of a negative nature will feel very disturbing and things of a beautiful peaceful nature will make your sing like never before.  Everything will be intensified 100 percent.   This is good and maybe not so good.  If you are not ready to understand the process; this could feel very uncomfortable.   Luckily many have gone before you and so now there are many levels of information that can help you with your growth and new advancement.

Until that time comes please do not disregard anything said here for you may one day find yourself needing explanation for what is happening as you awaken.    Any previous guided information could assist your movement forward.  

Those of us speaking from experience are speaking as a sharing of our information; not to convince.  It is up to you how to use this information!   Some of you will start your gradual awakening as the keys inside your DNA codes are now triggered to be opened.  Others will take a bit of time to allow absorbing what is being said.   Others will remain sleep and as such we must honor them for what they choose!     

Being a "path cutter" into the higher dimensions was not an easy task for many of us "light-workers" .  We had to undergo many transitory periods and in certain instances we did not understand what was really going on.   Being psychic or empathic in a physical world where spiritual sleep is the norm; did not assist us with our shifting.   It was very hard for those of us who were seeing more than one dimension.   Many Path-Cutters reading this will understand what I am saying.    Whoever is reading this material is not doing so by accident.  You are reading this because you are ready to receive this lesson.   Maybe you are growing and not yet know it.  

Until one goes through the "changes" of Ascension one may never understand until they too go through the shifting that transpires.   We are moving from carbon base beings into crystallized beings of light.   We are moving into our original divine essence.   It is a process that will automatically happen for all.    For those of you that will go through the ascension transmissions for the purpose of awakening this information can be helpful.   Of course this is true if such necessity transpires!      

Enlightenment through "Spiritual Tapping Assistance" is part of the ascension process.  This assistance comes naturally into ones orbital existence through the intention to move forward.   A person with a deeper sense of wisdom just appears out of the blue.  At this point the subconscious mind starts to readjust somehow.   It is as if a "mild" shifting starts processing!  

Are people ready to receive such influence.... Are people ready to receive such "tapping" for awakening?   Are you ready for further awakening?

Let's not forget that not only will you learn from the one appearing but the one appearing will learn from you  as well.    If someone has come into your orbital existence registering a higher level of awareness; they will be a mirror to you as reminder of your power already inherent in your being.  This is power in its raw stages of development.  You will be a mirror to them as reminder of their mission now accomplished.  They remind themselves of previous tasks accomplished as they watch your power now refining.  Power now refining from its previous crudeness of awakening.   They will watch as you advance maybe even faster than they were capable of doing when the earth's energies where not yet suitable for their growth in previous time frames of experience. 

People have a grand opportunity now to move into the Thresholds of Enlightenment faster because now the energies are more suitable and more open to accommodate such triggers.   The closer we move into 2012 the easier it becomes for those now ready.  From 2012 to 2017 the levels of growth will be immense.  But the time is now to increase our perception so that easy entrance through the Galactic Center (2012) will trigger the domino effect of golden consciousness as we move away from the restrictions & the darkness of 3D. 

"Golden light" consciousness is already replacing the ''dark'' consciousness (agenda) that so prevalent controlled our earth in previous years.   The light is getting brighter... allowing the diminishing effect of the darkness now collapsing.   Please remember that due to the increase in healing status the Earth has now been upgraded; movement forward is now easier as she too moves upward through ascension.


<> This was written for the purpose of informing and never as a judgment call.   We are all Light Beings at many different stages of awakening.   I see everyone in this earth as a mastered being 'already' ascended.  This is my vision for humanity and as such we, the light-workers know that we don't walk this path alone.  You are all walking by our side.  You are now the light-workers that will guide the ones to follow!  

This is what I call: the domino effect of upgraded consciousness & contagious unified alignment!  

May divine benevolence, peace and power fill your world!

This was written in service to the Divine Plan and the freedoms of enlightenment.

Linda Halliburton

Copyright 2001 by Linda Halliburton


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