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~personal heritage - Shamanics of North Africa~

moroccan berber ancestry - origens great sahara desert

The Berbers were the true indigenous of the land of the Great Sahara Desert.  They were the original Tribes which later took residence in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains & other areas of the earth.  

12 tribes originated from the Sahara Berber Tribe.  Now such tribes are stationed throughout the globe.  

Eons ago they separated into 12 groups and later again many left when they escaped the intrusive Islamic religious leaders who eventually took possession of their land.  Such leaders' attempt to force the Free People (the Berbers) into their own Islamic religion influenced 'these peaceful ones' into further unified protection.  Throughout the centuries they concealed their spiritual   beliefs by separating into 12 tribes & by silently taking their sacred knowledge into other 'foreign' lands.

Now (during modern times) they are known as distinct tribes but they continue to be equal in the knowledge held within their spiritual practices & the sacredness sustained within their daily way of life.

Such sacred knowledge stayed in secrecy and only those with same DNA programming had access of such ancient laws & memories.

This decision to originally separate was not made to create fragmentation to the tribe.  On the contrary, it was a way to protect the sacredness of their individual faith (in the cosmic natures of the universe) & the healing powers that entail. 

Now each of those 12 tribes hold specific keys that can assist with the process of biological Ascension.  These groups hold specific secrets which can allow the awakening of each DNA stranded mechanism allowing the individual its own awakening of immortal life programming. 

Such key allows humanity movement forward (...& inward) through the stairs of dimensional ascension. 

For centuries Islamic religious leaders tried to prohibit the remaining Sahara Berbers (even after their dispersion to other lands) from practicing any spiritual practices not in accordance with Islam.  Practices that were already part of them ''the true indigenous people''  long before such Leaders took possession of "their" land.

Eons ago - the time of the ancients:

Long ago The Elders of the Sahara Tribe had foreseen a time of darkness approaching.   During those ancient times the land of Sahara was fertile & green & thriving with lushness & beautiful growing nature.  There were rivers overflowing with an abundance of pristine, pure waters holding exquisitely powerful negative ionic frequencies.

(I remember the waters.. I can still smell their negative ionic state....  'I remember Sahara'...)

As the rivers started to dry up the prophetic visions came to the Elders;  visions of an approaching darkness that would overtake the world.   

With their visionary powers they used their magic to find other fertile locales where to thrive in ''peace & quiet'' and away from the chaos ''soon'' approaching.  This was when their actual dispersion to other locales came to be.

*This previous vision of unwanted chaos is the gradual destruction of the 3rd dimension.  The 'gradual' collapse of 3D which is happening right now.  (vision 3D)

Original dispersion of groups:

Destination: Hawaii, Australia, Philippines, Polynesia, Tunisia, Algeria, Atlas Mountains & other 'key' areas of the earth.  Some still remain in West Sahara  & areas of Mauritania ruthlessly holding their 'original' beliefs intact. 12 tribes in total who still hold faith in their ancient ways of peaceful knowledge. 

From those 12 multiples of 12 sprinted forth adding more sacred tribes into the earth's sacred paradigm.  This was due to the addition of souls entering the earth carryings similar benevolent  programming holding codes of ancient knowledge.. (these are brothers & sisters of familiar  paradise worlds). 

The aborigines stationed in these locations & other locations are part of the Original Great Sahara Tribe.

Some of these  "awakened ones" still remember West Sahara as an  ancient paradise world which leaded (via the 'Blue Road Home) to the Many Mansions of Divine Creator Cosmic Worlds.

These are the Original Shamans of North Africa of eons ago & which as already mentioned are stationed within other areas of earth.  The Elders & Master Healers in these key areas are the ones carrying the original code of the untainted Tribal Memory Programming holding the Healing Informational Matrix & DNA registry composition of the ancient knowledge of the universe here on earth.

My Brother: Remember Sahara - and the 100001 Nights of Paradise

.My My Heritage

My birthright heritage belong to the original tribes of Sahara.  My ancestors (mom's side) chose to relocate to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco; mountains which cover massive areas of North Africa.  (I also hold specific registered cellular memories which are also stationed in the land of Tunisia & Egypt).     I mention this info for those

*Assignment to Earth - Entrance Through Egypt

*The Stars - Beyond our Berber Heritage!

Healing Informational Matrix

*Ancient Soul's song ... ''And the Blue Road Home''

In brief: *Specific healing spiritual practices &  the origins of healing at the universal level (Berber Ancestral Heritage & Cosmic Identity heritage).  

*The path of Ascension &  beyond.  *DNA,  the dimensions &  ascension.   *Cellular memory recoding messaging circuitry DNA programming (matching the earth's body mass composite - at the cellular level). 

*The route to the 3 inner core circuitries as the currents that align  to the Source of all there is.   *The Triad at the Cosmic level of eternal life programming here on earth.

*Accomplishment of Higher triads (3x12, x24, x36 and so on) can be achieved once the basic personal Triad of earth's registry has been downloaded & thus fully anchored through the Monad).

*Mastery begins through the Personal Triad first following by Higher Mastery through the Higher Triads.

*The paradise worlds and our previous entrance to the earth through Sirius B.    *Previous Sirius-B route to earth to assist the incarnating humans.  *Egypt first place of "landing". 

*Lowering our dimensional vibratory composites to the 6th DNA strand level to safely enter the physicality of the 3rd dimension (physical entrance  to Egypt through the corridors from Sirius-B).

*My Cosmic Jedi memory to assist with my mission here on earth.  *The continuing Jedi protection from the oppressive forces of Orion (the drakos). 

 *The Luciferian Rebellion & our safe entrance to earth to assist  ascending humans.  


 *25,550 years of combat with the dark forces - and the final lay down of the sword.  

*Elohim Victory & The Peaceful Warrior within. *Retrieving your Divine Identify in the form of Angelic-Elohim or your own personal identification in the Cosmos.

*Our Original Elohim Natures & the Ein-sophic Spheres of Original Creation: Paradise Worlds of Nirvana. 

*Discovery of our Eternal Life DNA programming & the chromosome composites of Nirvanic Youth.  *The 3 gifts given at the time of ascension in connection to the gradual stages of Nirvanic memory awakening!

*Visiting & Inhabiting Sirius-B in preparation for earth life.  * 1st landing for my specific group the Eagle Priestess Clan: 25,550-BC - Egypt. 

*Our powers concealed within the Paws of the Sphinx.  *My ancient relocation to Sahara from my original first landing in Egypt.   *Time of remembrance: 1996. 

*Our original planetary residence long before we agreed to inhabit Sirius B.   (Our cosmic identities did not originate in Sirius B - we came from many other planetary systems not even known by our scientists  today).

*Places of global settlement throughout the lifetimes.

*Information on Sirius-B as it is registered in areas of North Africa through the earth's body mass composites of such lands.  

*Information on Sirius-B as it is held within the cellular memory of  the indigenous of such precious lands.  *The Dogon Tribe & Sirius-B -Timbuktu, the Humboru Mountains, Bandiagara and the hidden pathways to the Stars.  

*The indigenous: also known as  the Free People, the Blue People or the Berbers.  *The Amazigh: The Free People.  *Morocco, the King, the Elders, the route to Paradise through the Mountains of North Africa.  *The Sirius Constellation and the Berbers. 

*Divine Cosmic Mathematics.  *My sacred geometry knowledge that came from my Original Source Heritage vs my Earthly Berber Heritage.  Time of remembrance:  2000

*Placement within the Paws of the Sphinx:  the concealment of my geometrical numerics in the form of mathematical coding circuitries. Codes not able to be deciphered by the dark forces due to the taintedness &  impurity of their intelligence. 



*Infiltration of the Sphinx by dark forces &  their inability to decipher any sacred knowledge.  *Other key points on earth under the surveillance of dark powers.   *The recovery of the Sacred Sites by the loving Indigo Alliances.

*Fiercefully protecting my Geometries throughout the lifetimes from dark force interference.

*Healing the endocrine system as a gateway to Creator Source.  *Pineal, Pituitary & Hypothalamus.  *The Thalamus.  *DNA, the endocrine system, the nervous system,  the cells &  the dropping of the sub-atomics.  

Note: Once religion has been upgraded to higher spiritual metaphysical cosmic orders this level encompasses the base core structure of all religions - It upgrades from  the core level of our local universe into the multi-universal levels of the Great Divine.  At these higher levels the sky is the limit.    My Work as a Healer   Healing the Jedi & our other cosmic identities Healing Maldekian Karma


Preparation for activation 1989 - 1992  (personal upgrade for awakening)

'Biological Ascension'' contracts to start their activation: 1996 to 2012-2017

''Beyond Ascension'' contracts to start their activation: 2017 to 2022

"Cosmic Ascension" contracts to start their activation: 2022 & beyond


*The Stars - Beyond our Berber Ancestry!




Copyright 2001 by Azure.Azur Linda Halliburton

Healing Informational Matrix - berbe r heritage

The Dogon Tribe - salutations


* 1996" execution of Drakos contract against me without my consent.  *1999: Memory Orion Jedi protection in action.  07 *Final release from Drakonian interference.



To my family of the Eagle Priestess Clan from Atlantis.  Please connect once again.   & together upgrade, purify & exceed all technology that turned into darkness & greed.  That the errors incurred in Atlantian locales be restored into LIGHT - information divine & the benevolence of truth.

I now realign to my divine Eagle & Wolf Spirit & through them I will find you - I will find you again.