Here I am speaking from a holographic viewing capacity (physical related to the spiritual).   If you need to know the exact physical aspects of the situation just watch the news.  Here it is all about the spiritual, metaphysical & bio-energetic levels of experience.

I wanted to let you know that on Thursday June 3rd there was a level of urgency coming from my Spirit.    All day I was getting a message to Go into Silence.    There was such level of urgency coming through that day... I could not answer personal questions from friends or clients.  Any questions not connected to the Gulf were just passing me by.   In addition I could not concentrate on the mundane things of my daily activities, activities which normally would go on pretty smoothly & peacefully.   

It was that very night Thursday the 3rd of June that I finally went into silence & I discovered that my Ascension Portals were destroyed.    Such divine holographic work had been ruthlessly sabotaged that very day.

The Portals were placed on the 22 of May.  They were asserted in divine authenticity & sustainability on the 24 of May.  The animals programmed to go through the Portals would have been magnetized & energetically directed to the Portals starting on the 24th.   The Codes of Ascension that were activated in the animals would have attracted the animals through neutralized (non-polarized) electro- magnetic conduitivity into the areas where the portals were stationed. 

The Elohim Directors and the specific OverSoul of each animal would have placed the codes of Ascension in each animal that needed to ascend.    I specifically helped place the Portals & programmed the Corridors leading to the portals.   -   The Portals were placed just before the Corridors.  Almost instantly the Corridors appeared.    Then the ascension programs were added to the Corridors.   

Many energy dynamics of dimensional numerical appropriation (not mentioned here) took place for a period of two days while the animals were also being programmed & everything else completed in divine perfection.  -   Such holographic project took both days to stabilized in divine synchronization & equipped equilibration.  

Destruction of the Ascension Portals:  

When the expansiveness of oil exertion took place on the 3rd via the amplification of the oil pipe (being broken again)... such immediate forcefulness had created a very destructive effect to the energy dynamics sustaining the portals in place.   In addition to the Portals being destroyed such suddenness of force had also destroyed the Corridors holding the programs of ascension that would lead the animals safely to the Portals.   As already mentioned::  these were the Corridors holding the Programs of Ascension leading to the active Portals.   

These corridors were placed within 'spherical spaces' a certain distance just outside the area of the broken pipe - and extending farther out into the ocean.   Of course after the hole in the pipe suddenly expanded those Corridors became contaminated and poisoned due to the sudden & forceful addition & exertion of the oil spilling from such pipe.  

Such betrayal sent a level of sadness, helplessness & anger as I viewed it through my holographic window of remote viewing opportunity (the window which my spirit tried to present all day on Thursday June 3).

Evacuation project destroyed!

The holographic imprints held inside the Corridors which originally attracted the animals to the Portals were disturbed, fragmented and ultimately destroyed.    Now the animals had no place to be directed and magnetically pulled so that they could automatically glide into ''sliding motion conductivity" for the purpose of automatic evacuation

This was dark force activity that was used via the karmic triggers thus collected throughout the years because of the misuse of earth resources through oil exploration and pollution of our worlds.  The dark forces will use any levels of karma to make things worse or to claim certain territories even if the karmic contracts are not there to permit such connectivity.

In the Gulf case this was truly malefic intentional activity of anti-christed universal association & functionality.  There was disturbing Long Distance Operation taking place!  But it was a connection through Karma.  Since karma was created through the negative contracts asserted via the production of fossil fuel (which created a contamination to our worlds & our physical biological intelligence) - dark force activity was used through such karmic means to make things worse.  

This should be a lesson to all the oil companies.   We have a chance now to make things better and reverse any other karmic effects by creating a world free of such polluted frequencies.    The darkness of fossil fuel and the karmic dangers of petroleum usage needs to be a thing of the past if we want to discontinue karmic creations in regards to the issue at hand. 

Karmic creation:  Please understand - here I am speaking from the holographic & spiritual aspects of such situation.  Sometimes things happen from the energetic level first and then it appears in the physical.  That is what was happening on June 3rd.   I was actually being averted of something through my dreams days before the 3rd & in many such instances I could strongly detect Dark Force Surveillance through Remote Viewing Interference.  

I did not go under attack (exactly) as I did the years of 1996 through 2003, I am now protected but I could detect many strong attempts to place my consciousness under computer chip frequency control surveillance.   I could detect this assertion because my Spirit would wake me up suddenly & in dreams I could see ''these guys''.   Being awake allowed me to tune in & I could detect that there was attempt to break my Shields of Protection leading to the protective areas of 12D.  

My protective fields blocking ''3D & 4D interference'' had holes in them.  

Holes in the aura: this is a walk in the part compared to the forceful psychic attacks of 1996.  Nonetheless, this is also interference and no soul (unless they have contracts of karmic retribution) should experience any type of surveillance (through dark force activity) etheric rape or energetic abuse of any "kind".  

This was transpiring  through the lower overtone levels of the 4th dimension as I was trying to go to go to sleep.   The Lower astral realms of 4D: this is where the darkness pays havoc here on earth and it is the point of entry for many dark force. 

Each night for 4 consecutive days leading to the 3rd I went under surveillance by dark operational forces.  On that very night of the 3rd the surveillance stopped.  It is clear that this occurrence of June 3rd was already planned before it happened (in connection the portals).   I wonder how you guys felt.

**It is also clear that Dark Power is loosing 'power'!   See newsletter Dec.2007 - Benevolence Increase & Dark Power Collapsing On Itself!  

As mentioned before in this message:  I am speaking from a metaphysical point of view... beyond physics!   Not really from the physical!   My job is to work at the holographic level and as such Here I am speaking specifically through such contracts and experience.  

With that said: I want to include here my gratitude to all those wonderful healers and light-workers working with their own specific contracts in connection to the Gulf disaster.     That everyone is protected and allowed their divine contracts flourish in the name of goodness.  May Benevolence & Divine Truth be the order of the day!   Freedom...

I am now back home where I can concentrate and replace the portals; assist with the removal of dark activity in the area & complete whatever needs to be completed at this point.

The damage seems extensive... I am not sure if portals can be sustained safely but I will check again.  Surely there is a way to take these creatures through safe evacuation zones...!

I will set a prayer to remove all the dark forces from the area so that they will be bound to whence they came.   I will put this prayer together and add to this page!

It is suggested at this point that everyone claim their territories in service to the Light.  Do not allow your areas to be controlled, sabotaged or tainted by any dark activity or mal-intentional invisible projections exerted via forces trying to distort the process of ascension for humanity. 

Stay grounded and please claim your territories!  This message was written very fast... I will expand and update as I take more time for this purpose.

May We the People through our own Ascension Process re-align all Earth Points to the  Christ Points of the higher dimensions shutting down the doors, gateways & vortexes ''welcoming'' the darkness in.    Please allow your personality mind merge with the Divine Mind of your Higher Self blocking any input from your ego that may (unconsciously) be used for any dark agenda.   Open up your Divine Mind -   Open up your Christ Consciousness - Activate your Wings & Fly!

This was written in service to the Divine Plan - the Benevolent Christ Frequency & the Final Contracts of Ascension 2012- 2017!

AzureAzur (AKA: Linda Halliburton)

You may wonder why did I wait that long to do anything.  Previous to the 22nd of May I worked on other issues (not inclusive to the gulf but also inclusive to the gulf) but it was the animals that kept taking my consciousness & drawing my attention on them.  This is when I chose to concentrate strictly on them.


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I want to thank those of you that have called to ask: How does one get to the next level.  This brings me to some recent pages where I mentioned energy abuse by the dark forces.  Now I am guided to explain further: abuse:








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