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Implants & Electromagnetic Frequency Control via Haarp Activity & its executed hidden triggers! 

From: Soul Injury Healing Modality

Inactive Implants:  These specific implants are not yet active and so we deactivate the time detectors that will allow awakening in a future time spectrum.  The time detectors are called "time bombs" or "anniversary bombs".   These are held within the energy bodies and chakras & at a certain time during a persons evolution they become active allowing the inserted implant its full animated & awakened process.  Many implants can become active simply by the bombardment of the negative electromagnetic frequencies that are emitted from televisions, microwaves, computers, audio bass projections, etc, etc.  

The anti-christed HAARP activity that is transpiring in many localities of our world are intentional executing trigger mechanisms that have taken over the entire electromagnetic grid of our planet.   This grid is creating a blanket of distorted geometric alignment connecting all electrical devices of a physical nature and their localized positions within the land & inside a persons home.   All is being enveloped by this blanket.  I suggest one disconnects all electrical appliances from the wall unit until the time is needed when to plug is thus essential.  You can stay protected by unplugging such devices when not in use!.   I will teach you how to neutralize this frequency control (degrading electronic influence) as this information continues its expansion.

Many "time bombs" and "anniversary bombs" are time triggers used to wake up a person when they have evolved into higher levels of divine consciousness.  These are time triggers that are positive and thus desired.   The ones connecting to the negative implants are similar in nature (& creation) but used for the negative purpose of frequency control & as such will need to be detected, deactivated and removed completely from the etheric body.   

Many physical pains and headaches can be relieved by the removal of certain implants.  ''Some'' sicknesses are  karmically connected with a specific implant and when such implant is removed much alleviation can transpire thus the gradual &/or miraculous healing of said affliction.  

* Regarding the subtle body:  The subtle body at the psychic level will need to be checked for such devices!   Many of these implants are blocking the psychic body its full glorious awakening of mastery and self assertive awareness.  This blockage is keeping the majority of the people sleep.   Sleep to the point where the consciousness is frozen in time.  For these people 3D distractions are needed due to the boredom that the implants have created. 

The boredom is derived from the inability to experience the full empowerment of the soul's energetic capacity for cosmic awareness.   Others not interested in 3D go looking for meditations or activations that will take them to the next level.   If karma or implants are in place it is advisable to clear that first before attempting any high frequency activation.  The activation may not transpire properly or some form of outside interference my come through blocking such well intended spiritual endeavor.

What could be more fun than to access the cosmos, naturally (no drugs), lovingly & with the innocent expectation that allows connectivity.   Clearing the fields of all that degrades it, removing all distorted numerical composites from your own personal holographic matrix and allowing your innocence is key for the access of orbital power.

Ultimately if you are free of negative implants such haarp-activity-projections will not be able to trigger any harm in your system, nor block you from divine cosmic awareness.   One can avoid much electromagnetic frequency control by deleting these triggers thoroughly and completely.

When dealing with "inactive implants" we clear any futuristic karma at the exact time when the  implant would be set for activation.   Permission for this process is mostly granted in cases where such detection has transpired.   In certain cases we "feel" that an inactive implant is there; when it stays hidden we ask for their presence to be known.  When they finally come into the surface the process of futuristic deactivation, dislodging & removal takes place easily & gracefully. 

IF you are being disturbed by this dilemma The Soul Healing Modality session can assist you with this clearing!

In addition

I must also ad that in certain instances some implants are inserted as one watches TV or sits in their computers.  If there are negative or low vibrational images being viewed (or heard) from these electrical devices an implantation would be very easy to occur.  When a person is degrading their consciousness via the vigil of negative information & or imaging (porno, violence, horror, etc) the insertion is much easier!   As already mentioned (indirectly)  many sicknesses and physical debilitations (headaches included) are the end result of certain implants and the memories that they insert!  

Please be very careful of what you allow to enter into your consciousness.   If you are really serious about the healing process just be aware and attentive to your inner desires; its cravings and triggers.  Implants need not be inserted "again" unless they were spiritually contracted via original negative creation (karma) to be active within your fields.   Fortunately the time has come for all implants & their original contracts to be dismantled for karma is no longer needed.   It certainly does not help when the consciousness is allowing more new ones enter one's subtle bodies.   

Just be watchful and clear your inner desires, mentally and emotionally.  Clearing your inner cellular world; your conscious and unconscious thoughts & triggers & your inner wants transpiring is essential to stay pure!.  Purity is key for staying free, healthy and properly aligned with your spirit for the purpose of divine creative purposes & for the Ascension process now occurring!


Copyright 2001 by Linda Halliburton

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