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Healing the Cosmic Identities as they became distorted through the lifetimes

Explosion of earth explosion of Maldek The clearing  karma

*The First Fall from Grace = Earth eons ago.  Earth exploded once before creating a black massive hole.   The loose particles floating around after the explosion is what created our galaxy.  Our planets are not in perfect alignment like they were before the explosion.   Karma is triggered by the misalignment of the planets & via the distorted pulsating frequencies being executed through the time line continuum which is active in 4D; the 4th dimension.

*The second Fall from Grace in Maldek & the clearing of Karma: (Maldekian-Life before earth life).   Maldek was a place of residence of many of us - it was a place of physical existence.  Maldek was created during the particle collapse of the destroyed earth.   It was one of the planets in our misaligned solar system - it eventually exploded just like earth did eons ago. 

*Fragmented parts of Maldek are found in Chiron.  Chiron orbits between Saturn (the planet of Karma) and Uranus (the planet of Freedom).  As such Chiron is the planet of Healing.  After the explosion of Maldek particles of our fragmented soul became attached to Chiron & spread throughout the belt of Uranus & Saturn.  We are now using Chiron to heal our fragmented soul aspects.

*The Luziferian rebellion began in Maldek.  Such rebellion is what ultimately created its imminent destruction.  This is where the 'benevolent' Angel Lucifer became corrupted and as such he along with other malevolent beings contributed (through the misuse of will and power) to the dislocation of Maldek from its axiatonal alignment in our solar system. 

*Lucifer was the Angel assigned by the Courts of Heaven to oversee the Maldek & assist with its benevolent evolution.  *He was to allow the divine particles of the central sun be inserted into the planet to allow the peaceful evolution and divine awakening of the Maldekians.   As we now know' the opposite held true. 

*Earth is now following suit.   We as light workers had no chance in Maldek but now here on earth we need to heed the warnings of past.  We now need to re-claim our Earth's Territories in service to the ascension process & our safe exit from 3D.  

*Just like Maldek - our 3D earth is now gradually collapsing.

*When we exit 3D we do not abandon the earth.  We simply shift from the physicality of the collapsing 3D into the physicality of the more stable 5D - & upwards into the stairs of dimensional ascension.  From 5D we enter the soul of earth, further into 6D & up into her over-soul body  Once there we choose were to relocate further into other paradise worlds or stay in earth paradise.

*3D earth will eventually collapse.  We have 10 more years to prepare for exit. From 2012 to 2017 is one cycle of ascension.  From 2017 to 2022 is the second cycle of ascension.   In 2022 the portals of ascension will close! 

*The remaining humans will have some more years of returning through incarnation and continue to be at the mercy of their self inflicting wounds.   They will continue to be at the mercy of the wheel of karma until their sparks becomes more expanded and such light reawakens their souls.   Those that awaken will have another chance to exit 3D.  Such further time is the future will be predicted by each individual soul as they re-awaken from their deep comatose status. 

*Healing the memories & misuse of will & power acquired in Maldek.  *Healing  & Retrieving the fragments of soul in Chiron.  *Healing any negative connection to Saturn & Uranus.  *Healing & communicating with Saturn for the halting of the wheel of karma - Maldekian karma.   *Healing earth karma through Saturn intervention.

*HealingThe Falling Angelic Imprint held within our DNA programming. 

*Restoring our Divine Angelics through deletion of the (1st & 2nd) Fall from Grace imprint now held within the chakra.  *Clearing its enmeshment within the entire holographic matrix as it emits through the ♥. 

*The Jedi-Elohim& Angels, their massacre in Orion by the Drakos & the clearing of such memories. *The forced enslavement of the Jedi as they tried to save other resident-Angels already in Orion captivity.   *The 'now' human-Elohim-Angels &  the clearing of residuals.

*The Healing of the Jedi.   *Jedi cellular memory retrieval & healing: 1999!

*The retrieval of my Divine Elohim Identity through my previous Jedi memory experience.  *Helping my brothers and sisters recover their own Cosmic Spiritual Identity through the clearing of the distortions thus experienced throughout the lifetimes.

*The humbleness of the Christ as it is held within the Jedi Heart.   *The True Jedi Identity and the lay down of the Sword.  *The all 'physical' strength  that accompanies a true warrior of ''peace''.

*The retrieval of the Source Higher Identity programming of the Jedi - Retrieving the Original Identity before Jedi programming ever came into experience

*All Indigos, Crystals & Rainbows: Stand Up  

*These advanced Races = The Christ Races!

*All others soon coming.... welcome!

*Golden Rule of Christ Consciousness - Now Reign!

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