This is no joke - it is serious business!

If you love organic food or at least think "healthy" food is necessary for your well being please read the following:  

Monsanto is one of the biggest corrupted agricultural companies in the US (& growing).  They are the ones responsible for the poisoning of all the foods that are being marketed at the regular-level-supermarket.  This is a ''self serving'' company.  They are here to destroy all the private organic local farmers in an attempt to take over the food industry in its totality.  It is suggested not to trust their website.  It is suggested that you look behind their wording.   If you can, please use your energy to detect the corruption of their concealed intentional activities.  

What boggles is that they were permitted by the Food & Drug Administration to bring back (yes to bring back) some of the most dangerous pesticides into the food industry through their continuing & corrupted farming methods.  Do you wonder why more than 1/2 the population is sick and totally dependent on Health Care?  The foods are poisoned!  Get it??

They are now set to ''ruthlessly'' control the food industry here in the US (as already mentioned) but their intention is to go global.  They are intending a global effort (of frequency control) that will surpass all continents.... and all nations within those continents. 

Here in the US & with our co-creative efforts we can destroy any of their attempts starting at the energetic level by not allowing any laws pass in their favor & against the local farmers.   If they can stop the local farmers from selling any of their products here in the US; they can reach a higher level (domino effect) that can surpass & extend even further as the United Nations are allowing them such courtesy.    This is part of the global unified effort that entails certain ''frequency control'' mechanisms needed for the completion of the New World Order.  

If interested please watch the video mentioned below.   Dr Rima explains in great detail the part that  Monsanto could possibly play on this unified effort to control the world.   With the help of the United Nations the banks had already started to accomplish this.   They will continue with the food industry & with other methods of certain frequency control mechanisms relating to other issues, namely for the sake of safety.   But if we stop them here at home.. they cannot control the masses anywhere else.  

When cowards work in fear (such as the companies mentioned in this message) it is the fear that makes them want more power.  We can work energetically & physically by reclaiming & taking our powers back.  We start by reclaiming that which serves the good of all (& not just to serve the few).    By doing so we retrieve that which was lost in the Constitution by the thieves we've had in Office.   By restoring the laws that say government must be small and the ''people have the say in everything''; this is taking our power back.

With the constitution in order & fully retrieved; We The People rule over government; government does not rule over us.   Monsanto is slowly becoming a federal government because of the laws it wills to pass and because of the full permission granted by the Feds. 

With all this mentioned... I must say that with our mass collective efforts this company can also collapse; for it is part of 3D (the 3rd dimensional planetary matrix - The System).   If we can allow ourselves to walk physically into a higher dimensionality; a dimensionality where the territories claimed are done in service to the light & for the highest good of all concerned... these cabals cannot rule any longer.  For their frequencies would be too low to allow accommodation of their self serving & corrupted methods.  Corruption cannot thrive not survive in such worlds of higher integrity.  Corruption can only thrive in the worlds of 3D & the lower astral realms of the 4th dimension. 

3D: This is where the Ego Base Programming is held securely inside the earth's 3D holographic systematic matrix - The System!  As we move away from such dimension through our pure intentional activities... 3D will continue to collapse.   Such collapse is needed for the cessation of activities mentioned in this message!

The earth needs our help.  She needs our frequency to reach higher than 3D.  Please if you feel driven go to this website: & put your petition to stop this corrupted company from ''thriving'' any further.   This petition is one based on Higher Dimensional Intentional Activity for it benefits the whole.  It is for the highest good of all concerned.

As mentioned earlier you can also get informed through Dr. Rima's video.   In any browser just type: Codex Alimentarius P1.   Dr. Rima exposes Monsanto & everyone within the food industry working with these cabals.  This video is fascinating at the level of the truth presented.  If you care about your freedoms please watch this video!

You can get information there on what is really going on behind the scenes and the cruel laws that are now being signed and ''allowed'' implementation.  Monsanto; these are the big bad guys...& they need to be stopped.  I am not exaggerating... please do the research!

We must assert and remember that The Light (divine goodness) always wins.  We must now assist the Earth through her graceful ascension into worlds of Higher Integrity by the assistance of our unified effort to move with her.  We fight ''control'' by going through & thus moving through Ascension.   Earth cannot ascend when her body is being mutilated (that is another subject) & corrupted as the way that She suffers through these actions.  We assist her by reclaiming territories through the ways mentioned in this message!

I have put my petition and I will also work at the holographic level so that Monsanto's malicious intent will be deleted, dismantled and removed from the earth's planetary matrix.  This New Planetary Matrix now mentioned here is a different more pure & benevolent planetary matrix (don't forget there are many).   This one carries the Christ Consciousness (at the nonreligious level of cosmic activity) and the purity of divine intention.  I will ask all Lightworkers to protect mother earth with your prayers - as mentioned already 3D needs to collapse - lets do it peacefully!    

If we are going to have a revolution... lets do it peacefully.  Lets do it energetically through the assistance of the collective of the peoples & the holographic power of the cosmos.  We can do it.   Please wake up your brothers and sisters.. we need many more awakened people for assistance.

This is a call to those pure souls walking this earth ... gently and peacefully... we are calling on you!  

May you walk this earth in peace.   May you reach the worlds of Divine Integrity!

This was written in service to the Divine Plan!

Azure.AZur-Linda Halliburton


Earth is calling.. are we hearing her call?

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