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when someone who follows a specific religion is in need of my services.

During sessions some healing modalities are aligned with this birthright application & Berber Heritage healing informational matrix.  Such heritage is multidimensional and as such it is applicable to all religions.  

My Berber Ancestry has NO religion and as such I work with all Saviors, all Prophets and all people of "different" religions equally.   Having no religion yet being align with all without judgment or prejudice has allowed for me to work with many who are simply in need of healing.  Since my work is universal .. healing comes from the core spiritual essence of the individual - not from separation through religion.   

During sessions:

When a Savior or Prophet come through a specific individual who is very devoted to a specific religion such Prophet comes under Universal Law - & under the individual contract they have with the soul in question.  Not through dogma or specified doctrines. 

The religion is respected - for it is part of the calling for that person.  I am simply saying that such Being comes under The Divine Supreme Guidance which is beyond our local universe & beyond any 'local' teachings of our earth.  

They come under Universal Divine Laws to protect & assist the person devoted to the path of such religion.  They actually come via the metaphysics of such localized belief structure as it 'becomes' expanded into cosmic law... 'during our sessions'.

For those who wished to know: Since my work as such is universal rather than planetary (or from this local universe) I can work with all beliefs and spiritual alignments.  Meaning I do not prejudice or pretend that my religion is better than another.. for I have no religion.  My spirituality is asserted by universal laws and cosmic principles.   I work universally and equally with all - in accordance with the laws of karma & under the contracted spiritual agreements of each individual case and issue.

Hindu - Personal Sanskrit Identification

I must ad that I have much registry formatting within my DNA programming that has awakened from previous lifetime experience with other religions.  The Hindu is one of them as part of the Sanskrit mantras formatting is held intricately within my cellular memory programming. 

I chose to keep these Sanskrit records for they serve a beautiful purpose during my personal & planetary healing training.   This is intimate training that takes place each morning during my half awakened and half sleep state of consciousness.   They are also 'accessed' when in service to my brothers/sisters of Spirit here on earth who may also be aligned with such spiritual data held within their personal cellular composites.  

I have to admit that I feel very close to the "metaphysics & spirituality" of the Hindu religion and feel intimately close to its ''way of practice'' as it asserts a grand level of cosmic awareness and true acceptance without judgment to all other religions.  I feel it very close to my Berber Heritage.

In alignment with my Berber Heritage programming (which is still in stages of awakening) the metaphysics of Hinduism is one other aspect of my spiritual composition (not my religious composition but my spiritual composition) for this (my final) lifetime here on ''3D Earth''. back to: Berber 12 Tribes

1. Physical Healing -

2. Clearing of Miasms -

3. Soul Injury Healing -

4. DNAClearing/Activation & Divinity Infusion -

5. Electromagnetic Restoration & Photonic Circuit Activation -

6. Adverse Astrological Influence Planetary Clearing -


1. 12 Dimensional High Frequency Modulator Device.

2. Water Alchemy Healing.

3. Holographic Matrix Restoration & DNA Program Access Registration.

1. Other Modalities of healing - 2. Daily Meditation striving rituals

The Astral Body & Soul versus Spirit

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