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2012 - 2017

Cycle of Ascension




(DEC 31, 2007)

The awakening of your ''Divine Right Place'' & the activation of your ''Contracted Divine Mission'' will continue to be triggered as you move into your New Earth's Future: cycle of ascension 2012-2017

(ascension cycle # one: 2012-2017)  -  (ascension cycle # two: 2017-2022).    

During these two cycles of ascension - the New Inner Cities of Light will begin to merge into ''Surface Earth'' as earth moves closer to her Soul's Stationary Point of Identity registering the 5th dimension.

Two dimensional levels above our physical 3rd dimensional reality is where Earth's Soul Body resides!   We are moving upwards through Dimensional Ascension & into Her soul matrix body registering within the 4th, 5th & 6th dimensional levels of reality.  

(D = dimensions).   

As we move up from 3D to 4D (& higher) we can continue up the ladder of dimensional upgrades & into even higher stationary points of our cosmic dwellings of reality.... The higher the DNA strand active within each individual template the higher access one can achieve through dimensional transition upwards.

(12D & beyond is achievable for those with enough (cleared & aligned) DNA strands & the proper activation to allow the shifting to ascend that high.)



(Nov 21, 2007).  

The core message for the approaching new year (2008) has to do with the activation of the many Inner Cities of Light now coming into the surface from below the substructure (etheric golden worlds) of the Inner Earth and from the earth's "upper" atmospheric regions just above us.   All biospheric regions in between these two points will be triggered, nothing will be left behind. 

        Hold on to your horses.. earth continues her shaking...(she is transforming)

A few months ago I was meditating regarding the holographic window that is opening for the New Year & Mother Earth revealed that now Systems of Localized Safety are being activated.  These are encodements within the earth's grid system activating the many inner cities of light.    These are cities & villages that will be safe from the Earth Changes & extreme weather conditions.  These cities will become safe havens as their inner sacred lighted particles (earth soul aspects) merge more fully within their outer, outward & physical exterior parts.  

Note of advice: the more you know your DNA the more you will feel the earth guide you.  It is all in the DNA programming that allows one to feel & maintain the safety I am speaking about.   You are saved by your DNA & you inner guidance not by your worldly 3D programming which mostly carries outer chaos.  The higher the DNA strand count (& vibrational rating) the safer you will be. 

"Some" areas are not stationed within a safe (& stabilized) localized position as of yet and will receive balance from some type of "originally" created karmic contracts.   This will continue to occur in ways of tornados, earthquakes and other types of natural disasters.   This is due to the purification that is needed on those areas.   Tuning into New Year's Eve of 2007 (earth-linear-time-line-12am) reveals that movement will continue in these places as we move into 2012 (cycle 2012-2022)  

In order to allow entrance through the new window of spiritual opportunity (12am: Dec 31,2007) these areas need to be synchronized into the systematic cosmic familiarity of their sister localized positions.    Those localized positions now dwell within the etheric layers that extend upward & into the realms way beyond 5D (5th through 12th dimensions).   These could also be known as the Over-soul aspects of said localities, those that are (as already mentioned) held within the inner earth and those that are held beyond the etheric spheres of our outer world.  As above so below!

This means that all physical biological intelligence between these two points will be altered to the very core levels of DNA programming; shifting the atomic body from its carbon base matter into its supreme golden levels of divine galactic consciousness.   This will allow the Divine Identity Template previously captive and restricted within the encrusted veil of egotist body its glorious full awakening as it resurfaces from the deep sleep it has endure.   

The personal Divine Template has been in comatose status for a long time.   It is now waking up and allowing a registration of its divine purpose, gifts and abilities as these move into new levels of Supreme synchronization.  These synchronizations are new levels of registering information from a higher level of divine reasoning that restricts all controlled maneuvers resulting from ego base manipulation.   Altered ego or negative ego cannot survive when the Divine Template has been triggered for awakening!

This process will gradually allow physical embodiment of the Oversoul body in full unification & in perfect alignment with the Unified Field of universal light consciousness.    Consequently this process will assist in bringing into the surface all levels of 3rd dimensional limiting conditioning for the purpose to deletion.   

Ego will be triggered; it will fight back; just let its programming to go into the light.  The negative part of ego is dying; you may feel as if part of you is leaving or some may feel triggers to leave the earth.   Just know it is the negative ego leaving you.  This needs to happen so that the other light side of the ego merges into the I AM Presence and starts to take a back seat as the Spirit finally takes over.   The I AM Presence is the God Spark within.

During this process; everyone's personal holographic matrix will be altered, shifted and synchronized in alignment with the divine matrix holding the Angelic Presence (& stationed within higher dimensional reality).   These are the realities stationed way beyond the entrance of the physicality of the 5th dimension.  Energetically we are already thriving way beyond 5D but physically we are not there yet.  Some vortexes are vibrating at numerical dimensional levels way beyond 5D & into 12D giving us permission to be physically wired (through the dropping of our ego base programming) for the purpose of such registering.  

Transmutation of the limiting ego base programs (& behaviors) is a prerequisite for the successful transition of zero point polarity through the worlds of divine unification & into the angelic presence of each individual doing this transition.   The lands of Divine Unification are Creator God's Worlds connecting through the Superhighways of Heaven & into the land of mother earth.   As above so below!    

The superhighways of Heaven are also known as the informational corridors of eternal time lines.   Time there is 'eternal' not 'linear' as in earth; therefore time within these corridors is really nonexistent; everything there thrives within the spirit of eternity.   Past-present-futuristic time lines are then accessed at command for any purpose of informational retrieval if one needs it.  One can access these time lines for the purpose of reviewing the past in order to clear any memory if there are karmic records holding an imprint in your "now" reality.    This is retrieved within the solid status of the eternal time frame of the present (now).  

Within the NOW any programs carrying chaos, sickness & any 3rd dimensional trauma are easily diminished.   Karmic memory cannot thrive within the NOW; for karma is a "Cause" from a past level of "Effectual" time frame reference.  Thus the laws of Cause and Effect.  

As the process of Divine Unification does transpire what  will happen is that all physical intelligence will be triggered until all 3rd dimensional ego base conditioning has been dismantled from the entirety of our earth plane.  Heaven cannot merge with mother earth until all altered ego is fully absent from her realm.        

Important:  Due to the dismantling of the negative ego there is much chaos going on in our world; but there is also a divine strategy going on that is hardly seen within the mundane levels of 3rd dimensional perception.   To experience this divinity it takes a refined capacity to hear the "spiritual voices" in the stillness of the Silence and the willingness to see her sparkling nature of communication in  the realms of the Invisible.     I can reassure you:  There is more than meets the eye.   There is goodness just beyond the darkness of polarities.   If you are feeling bad or chaotic; if the world is making you depressed just look to the extreme polarity of the dark that just revealed.   There is lightness on the other side of darkness!   

I will speak on negative ions & the silver/platinum light ray in connection to the earth changes regarding the specific element of water on another message.   The elements are speaking; ARE WE HEARING THEIR CALL?   There a bit too much to go into detail in this message regarding this specific paragraph!   Just know that negative ionic spaces will be the ultimate reachable pristine status whether there is water near you or not.   With or without water; negative ionic frequencies are the end result of purification at its best.

This was written in service to the Divine Plan

''AzureAzur'' Linda Halliburton


In addition for the new year! 

Holographic Activations 2008!

PS.   ** The activations for the new year will consist in aligning people's personal holographic matrix with earth's divine planetary matrix (Christ Grid).    This process will gradually assist souls into their localized positions of divine safety. 

Please be advised that there are many matrixes active right now.    For one the earth's 3rd dimensional matrix has nothing to do with the earth's divine matrix..   The divine matrix vibrates at a higher 5th-12th dimensional level that extends into the heavens and reaches deep into the core essence of the many angelic intelligences that reside inside the earth.     These intelligences carry the pranic flowing energies that continuously feeds the spirit of Mother Earth.    These are vibrant healing energies ... healing to the point where miracles are frequent for those that chose to be the quiet, silent caretakers of the land.  

On the other hand; the 3D earth matrix has a system of corrupted frequencies which are ruled by the many governing corporations thriving within their egotistic agendas as they intend to manipulate the earth.    This matrix is a draining system triggering methods of depletion making many people sick as corruption and manipulation does continues to persist.  

5D  is comforting and healing; 3D is corrupted and it triggers sicknesses and depletion of one's life force

The 3D matrix needs to dismantle, disintegrate and loose power.   The purpose for the activations that transpires for next year has to do with the dismantling of the ego which keeps the corrupted systems in place.   We begin by dismantling the negative ego from within and then we move into the dismantling it from the world.     

** By 5D what I mean is the higher overtone levels of its realm.    There are 12 overtone levels to each dimension.    Or should I say...; there are different wave lengths of harmonic triggers.  The higher the overtone status the more refined its capacity for unrestricted wavelengths passages & divine light particle allowance.    The higher overtone levels of 5D allows one's energies to enter through the door into the 6th dimension and through the fluid power of higher love and its Christed consciousness of higher wisdoms!.   Once into 6D moving higher is much easier.   Once stable within 12D the rest is quantum physics; one can jump & move around, no restrictions will divert you. 

Those that are safe within their localized position will then be activated for the purpose of anchoring heaven into earth within their specified localities.   This process will also assist with the increasing activation of the Christ Race Population allowing all anti-christed activity be removed from all "altered-ego" of each individual soul on earth.   

In spring of this year I was given the capacity to assist with the personal activation of the human hologram; with the capacity to do the required dropping of the subatomics (into increasing levels of photonic wave capacity) and with the ability to activate the immortal code within the human DNA programming which is now in closed formatting but ready for reactivation. 

This process came about through one of my geometries which revealed her Operational Potential in the spring of this year.    During a meditation I was also shown the degrees of gravitational movement as the poles continued with their tilting.    Part of the land in the United States that will be compromised was also shown for future reference of relocation.    There were degrees of numerical distortion (via geometric structural composites) not resembling any safety in these areas.   

If one is wondering which areas hold highest vibratory levels for due safety.  Look to the Amish.. to their simple way of living.. look to the energy that registers within their spaces.   These are examples of what the earth holds in terms of purified vibrations in the higher dimensions & the model for the new earth that is now arriving.  The old is breaking apart, falling away, disintegrating...while the new earth is just waiting to emerge... (cities of light)!!  

Are you seeing your 3rd dimensional reality collapsing.. look into the monetary system, the banking and financial systems, the home industry and even the corrupted medical association.   Are you seeing the collapse within their inner structured 'physicality'.   The FDA will follow suite.. while the insurance companies are now being brought into due surface.   

More will soon come into full viewing.   As we purify ourselves at a mass collective level all corporations (federal or not) that hold any levels of corruption will be viewed in ways never seen before via the masses.    Nothing will stay hidden.   If it holds no level of divine authenticity - it will be revealed.   If it is self serving - it will be revealed.   There is no where to hide, the visibility is increasing as the people start awakening.  

Getting back to the Amish:   I am not saying one should move to their localities.. unless you want!..   All I am saying is that the level of consciousness within a community will either increase or decrease the status frequency of said locality.    I see the Amish population as holding some of the highest vibrations registering cellularly within the earth.    It is something to bestow blessings upon..!!    They are the quiet of the land.  They are the ones that step gently as they walk!    

They are a great example of divine simplicity; and holding a level of forgiveness not understood by the many people of our earth.  

Forgiveness and Silence; the most divine of all the virtues!... Silence is like gold.. getting more valuable as the earth continues with her shaking... Mother earth will never be able to guide the people into places of divine safety until we have found Her in the stillness of the silence.. 

Earth speaks to us in the silence of the land as She connects with us through the silence of the mind, soul & heart connection!


** This was part of the information revealed and finally confirmed for the new year.   In regards to the Safety Localized Position Activation (cities of light) you can ask your guides and divine angels to assist you personally with the process.   I will be assisting as they come up during my sessions but you can ask for yourself as you meditate and do your prayers.  Your angels are with you; they are not restricted to just healers.    Ask and you shall receive!   

I will be moving to my area of spiritual choosing... I will stay in the south until the spring and then I will be going to the land that calls me.   I feel the land calling me in the areas of the pacific northwest.   This is a gentler area for me....  & later "something" may call me back south again.  There are no rules.  Following Spirit without hesitation is important.  If you are not happy within your localities; please tune into heart and ask your spirit to guide you where is best for you.    I will stay there for the time that I am needed.  

Everyone will be positioned within the localities where their spirit will thrive in the years to come and in preparation to the 2012-2017 First Level True Planetary Alignment & into collective zero point polarity & the dropping of the subatomics.  Those of you staying in your areas will be increased in divine light as your area starts her soul awakening.   Second Level Planetary Alignment will be during the years of 2017-2022.

The Changes are coming!    They will be very personal yet powerful in ways where collective triggers will transpire.   As you find peace within your chosen locality; peace will be experience in the outer spheres of your world.   That which you nurture within yourself will be felt in the world all around you.  I do hope everyone finds the hope, enthusiasm and divine passion that I feel about the new earth changes that are coming.   Physical Earth is merging with Soul Essence.   I hope you feel Her birthing process as you allow same merging to transpire in your systems.     .... it is time!

This was written in service to the Divine Plan!

AzureAzur Linda Halliburton

Copyright 2007 by Linda Halliburton    


PS:  2008 will be a year of deep preparation into the years leading to 2012 & beyond.   2008 will trigger a deep desire for many people to start their move into areas that resonate with their soul more fully.  People will start feeling deep longings to explore, search and figure out the location that the soul desires.  With that said many will stay within their chosen areas of locality.  This is so if they ''feel'' it resonates with the growing spiritual contracts of ascension now awakening. 

During this time, connection to Mother Earth will become more fluid.   Localities (certain territories) will become very important for those going through the ascension process!  It will be the DNA (& soul & heart) that will guide souls to the proper areas of ''divine connectivity'' for the purpose of ascension!!!