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There are NO RULES.  Only Universal Law Exist!

If there are any Harmful Rules; we void them!

Many of the Spiritual & Corporate Rules (earthly laws) implemented here on Earth do not apply to what we are doing here.  Some rules were created to distort the earth's energetic balance.  They were created out of Ego base modalities and the Need to control the population.  Certain ''Rules'' were created to keep you sleep.  Not just sleep but in spiritual comatose status!

It is time to wake up and start abiding by the divine unconditional love of Universal Law.  Universal Law is Divine Will at its highest form.  The fluid love vibrations that bring the ''energy balance'' to earth are now being poured via Universal Law Mechanics.  These are the harmonics of ''photonic triggered frequencies'' & they are being inserted into the cellular encodements of Mother earth's inner biological structure.  This is done via the deletion of all the karmic imprint thus inserted into her body by the misalignments of the peoples. 

We; the Caretakers of her body are inserting such frequencies, we are doing it through the blissfulness of SILENCE.   We are doing it through the power of reclaiming all the territories here on earth (in service to the Divine Plan). 

In addition to deletion of cellular karmic memory we assist with the deactivation of all the adverse electromagnetic frequencies emitted via HAARP technology.  We neutralize it... dissolving all the Chem Trails sustaining those 'invisible' circuitries in place.   If you have any heavy metals active in your body.. maybe you too could cleanse your system so as not to be a conduit for such dangerous technologies.  Heavy metal toxicity can sustain such ''invisible" circuitry depleting your own inner electrical current & natural biological intelligence.

Through the power of such cleansings we are taking our power back by not abiding to the hidden rules that set all the activities in place for the harming of the peoples.  There are rules in place when such anti-christed activity is asserted.  By neutralizing harmful technologies we ''null & void'' all those contracts. 

Some rules are visible but HAARP & CHEM TRAIL activity hold concealed contracts in place.   These are hidden agreements to assert populations are dependent on Health Care (pharmaceuticals, drugs, medical associations).  These contracts are asserted through such activities to slow down brain activity at a mass collective level... (to keep the population sleep & dependent on "the system").   These are contracted agreements working against the majority of the population.  

This form of manipulation can be voided as I explain in this newsletter.  Through our own awareness and free will: we do not abide by their contracts, we do not allow our bodies (or the earth) to be harmed (any longer).   Now is when we take our earth back.  As we cleanse ourselves we automatically cleanse the earth.  She is our mirror, we are mirrors to each other.  No healing takes place without affecting the majority.

There are going to be key date activations during the rest of 2009.  Here are some high frequency dates: 8.8.09, 9.9.09, 9.11.09, 11.11.09, 12.12.09, 12.21.09, 12.25.09 & 12,31,09 (new Years Eve).  There will be smaller triggered points during this time frame of advanced activity; you can feel them if you attune.   This is happening in preparation for her entrance into 2010.    Earth is calling for renewal... she is attempting to merge heaven into her body & needs to stabilize a certain percentage of her frequency into purer aspects of her Spirit Self. 

She needs a certain level of Love Insertion for her blissful entrance through this window of spiritual opportunity that the New Year provides.   All this is in advanced preparation for the following cycle 2012-2017 First Level True Planetary Alignment & into collective zero point polarity & the dropping of the subatomics (as mentioned in my message 2012-2017- Holographic activation for 2008)

We are called to assist as we ''insert'' her with our healing loving frequencies!  We now dance her dance... not the dance of federal or corporate corruptions... nor the rules or dogmas keeping her degenerated or depleted of Her Essence.

This cleansing is asserted so that Mother Earth will cease to call on the elements to purify her body instead of us.  When the elements are called (water, fire, air, earth, ether) the devastation can be very traumatic.  We as humans need to work in tangent with the elementals... we need to work together.   If we humans work with such elementals the work would be more fluid, more peaceful and secure.  Don't forget there is intelligence everywhere... you will always be heard.  The elements can hear you; they can "read" you...!

Ultimately what will keep you safe will be your level of purityThe purer your intentional activities & mental projections the safer you will be.  Earth will protect you.  Safety comes from the sincere pure alignment in divine unification with such frequencies.  This is safety from extreme weather conditions, safety from the trauma thus created through the ''continuity'' of the Earth Changes still transpiring. 

We do not control the elements but we can certainly negotiate... & we can flow with them.   It is time to communicate at the level that the earth can understand.  We negotiate through love, silence and divine intentional activity.  We negotiate by reclaiming our territories in service to the Light & in alignment with Universal Light Consciousness.... In alignment with Divine Will & The laws Of Nature.

The 3rd dimension is collapsing.   This means that going back to basics is now needed.   Please see my link on Monsanto. These are the big bad boys in alignment with the Feds... These are one of the many corporations trying to restrict ''earth's freedom by taking over the food industry.  Their crooked rules do not serve us on our search for peace & harmony.   There are others (as already mentioned).  It is time to do away with them all. 

Please research as you feel guided.  If you choose to see this link there is a video provided for your leisured viewing (Monsanto).    

You can also visit: The System; 3D planetary matrix!

This was written in service to the Divine Plan!

Linda Azure Halliburton 

If you wished to assist with the purification of earth within your own area of locality, please please understand that the Earth cannot hear or connect with us humans when chaos or distorted sound frequencies are present in our spheres of physical activity.  Silence is Key!  If you want to know more about silence &/or distortion of sound pollutions please visit this link (Spiritual Dangers Bass Projections)

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