Work starting point June 9 - 10

June 9 & 10: This morning (& all day yesterday) I insisted to do more (at my contracted level of holographic input) regarding the Gulf.    I asked the Great Divine to please remove all the oil in the waters.   Enough is enough!   I have been instructed to share the information regarding this visiting & visionary experience.  

I was so concerned about the animals before that such was my main goal of request for assistance.  The animals have not been forgotten I will continue to touch base on them a bit later.  Before I proceed I want to thank everyone working for the Good of All Concerned in connection to the Gulf.  May you be protected, supported and blessed in all ways!




Many Angels & their Ships have been stationed above the Gulf with the Etheric Suctioning Devices to draw away the oil floating in the waters.   The oil is being removed upwards and away from the water through the pressure of suctioning.   This drawing effect pressure is created by the vacuum pulling effect of such devices.   Using the higher pressure from the Devices against the lower pressure from the oil resting in the waters can create the needed effect to remove such corrupted sticky fluids.  

My intention for this request is to remove the spilled oil so that it will not continue spreading & causing more damage to our sea creatures and the oceans leading to our beaches. 

From the holographic level:  once the oil is suctioned then the oil is then etherically pulverized &/or transmuted into divine light essence.

The devices are etheric for now until such (holographic) process reaches the physicality of the peoples capable of doing this at the physical 3rd dimensional level.  This mentioned in this page has been done from a level of Holographic Intervention.  Once this is created at the holographic level (such imprint) then begins to roll 'backwards' into the lower dimensions until it reaches the physicality of 3D thus allowing such divine inspiration for the people to do so for themselves.  

At the physical level: If the oil can be suctioned and kept in the tubes to disintegrate or transported into specific localized areas to sustain it until it disintegrates that may be better than allowing it to stay in the Ocean. 

The suctioning process this is simple physics!   May the consciousness of those able, ready and willing please listen to the solutions being presented. 

My vision is that many equipped ships (boats) be traveling through the troubled oiled waters using such suctioning devices for removal purposes (as above so below). 

I now call for:  Divine Flow - Divine Determination - Divine Intelligence & Christ Conscious Inspiration!

Such image regarding the vacuuming of the oil  came to me many times before   -  I actually thought this would be the solution taken... but it was not so!   Yesterday I was instructed to go into holographic mode again!    There is so much going on with our personal stuff and through healings that sometimes we expect thing will turn out okay.  

(PS: I saw the vacuuming but I did not specifically see its conversion from fluidity to solidity just yet - at the time I could only see the conversion of fluidity to etheric pulverization.  For I was only viewing it at the ''energetic" level) 

In addition to the suctioning of the oil away from the waters; today the intent is to also remove all the dark force activity from the Gulf through the final removal of all the Dark Forces that were feeding of the disaster and the fear of the people.  It is suggested one stays strong and allow all the love pour into the Gulf & through all the energy grids extending to many areas of the world where the information of the Gulf has reached.  

BROKEN PIPE:  Today I will go back and see what is being done at the holographic level regarding the broken pipe.   In this message the intent is geared towards the ''clean up''.    In connection to the pipe we must remove all the dark force interference which has been blocking appropriate action from taking place. 

This removal of the dark forces is something in the works right now as I am writing this.  Today I will go into Silence (yesterday was a day of silence too) as I tune in more and request from my physical level here on earth to give permission to the forces of divinity to remove the dark forces from our waters.

The good the bad and the ugly

Please be advised that there is a good polarity to the bad taking place at the Gulf:  I will send another message for those of you interested in the divine energy dynamics taking place throughout the entire disaster ordeal.   Yes it all looks doom and gloom but there is a ''divine stratedy'' going on as well.   There always is a better scheme taking place when bad things happen::

::  If only we could open our spiritual eyes to vision it.  If we could also activate the inner soul's capacity to hear the inner speeches of our earth - our mother! 

- If you are not 'yet' able to spiritually hear or spiritually see - Please close your eyes to see:  Please go into Silence if you want to hear! 

Back to polarity:   Since this is a free will universe the polarity of consciousness continues:  for all the bad there is a good & for all the good there is a bad.   This is so as of now until we reach the physicality of Ascension in our physical forms and come to the conclusion that Universal Law & Divine Integrity overpasses all the polarity of ego base illusionOnce we reach ascension the polarity of ego base consciousness (self-serving will) will transform into the consciousness of Divine Law and ultimately into Divine Will.

Ego base illusion is experienced in 3D (& 4D) which is now the majority percentage of the earth occupied by  ''sleeping'' people.  But this is transforming.. please allow your spaces thrive with the universal law mechanics of divine benevolence -  transforming all self-serving ego base behaviours into the ultimate divine will of our higher spirits.  

For now as we still inhabit the lower dimensional realms of earth we can use such polarity (from bad to good) to transform situations through Divine Will; specially those situations of dire consequence such as the one at the Gulf.

More on this a bit later.

This was written in service to the Divine Plan - 

Divine Intent: deleting all self serving mechanisms and allow Divine Will rule on earth!

AzureAzure (aka: Linda halliburton)

Angels need our permission to intervene!

It is true that the Angels need our permission to intervene otherwise because of the Free Will status here on earth (universal rules and ethics)  they would go against universal law if they attempt to help without permission.   Instead of intervention this would be called interference

No matter what Angels need our permission to intervene so that their help would not be done against karmic law which (as already mentioned) would be known as interference

So please allow your divine guides to help... give them your permission to assist!  Surely they are ''waiting'' for your request!    You have the Christ with you - Call on that loving frequency too!

Divine Intention for those working in the physical:

PS: For those that think working at the holographic level is hogwash... please understand that everything in your lives was created from the energetic level first.   If you are one that needs to concentrate on the physical aspects of things...why not allow the holographic imprint of goodness reach your physical reality and allow divine inspiration also guide you through your life's endeavors.   

I can guarantee you that if you have benevolent intent it is happening that way already.  (nono no noo No ....No hogwash... brother ....

Everyone is honored here & I ask that the holographic work done for the Highest Good of all concerned please be respected... (as long as it done to help & no one is compromised).   That those working only at the physical level but in service to a higher cause also be respected and thus honored!  

You who work at the physical level only:  Be blessed my friend & may you walk this earth in Peace -  As you attempt through your physical efforts to reach out -  may your path also be supported & protected.  We who work at the holographic levels need those of you working at the physical levels to receive the message and the imprint we created Holographically. 

May you hear ''the call'' - May you see, feel, smell & touch the Heavens - Thank you for being here!

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I have pondered: Can the oil being removed be used for positive purposes?  It is known that the ethane gasses can dissipate pretty quickly after the 'air' particles reaches the oil.  It would be toxic (for a while) but this is what we are facing.    Then what... ?   In the heavens (or during healings here on earth) many energies can be transmuted, transformed &/or recycled in very beneficial ways.    Here on earth can we alchemize the oil for some good useful purpose?   Just pondering.... just pondering...