The following is what we did:   The basics:  We dropped their subatomic structure to a very purified non-polarized circuitry which had allowed them to be raised to a higher dimensional frequency (of 5D & 6D & 7D) thus the disappearance from 3rd dimensional reality.  In 2001 6D was very advanced... now it is 12D we are striving to achieve.  

this is why we don't see angels   add paragraph now:

At such point (which will happen gradually) you would then be inhabiting the higher dimensional spherical regions of 9D through 12D!  Not 3D-4D anymore.   Drive by shooters do not exist in the higher dimensions which means you too would be invisible to them if you ascend.   Ascending takes one away from the 3rd dimension & into the worlds of Higher Integrity.  These worlds positions oneself into safe inhabitation higher up the ladder of celestial pure consciousness.   The purer you are the higher you go and the purer your inhabitating dwelling spaces.   

The separation of souls is transpiring right now & this will continue intensifying.  As such little by little we do not attract negative situations anymore.   Those enmeshed in 3D would be long gone memories from our past.  The more one purifies through soul clearings & by lowering the ego the more that person ascends gradually