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Thank you for your contribution!

May The law of divine multiplication effortlessly increase your profits.

If you wished to donate you will be able to contribute indirectly on the earth work that I am doing.

There is a separation of ''force field mathematical composition'' going on right now on earth.  This is allowing intricate development of numerical distortion dissolution triggering the separation of souls (from low base programming) into the (higher) dimensional status that their DNA coding strata is now programmed into "Being".  

The geometrical structures that I created in 2000 are now being used to re-assert a new divine numerical programming that will restore the (vertical/horizontal) lei-line/axiatonal stationary points of invisible energy conduits that have been broken &/or plugged into suppression by the more advanced & sinister forces roaming through the Earth (& covertly controlling 3rd dimensional reality).

My duties at this time is to assist with the repairing of the invisible gravitational lines, removing and upgrading the pulsating frequencies and sealing all fields that are left (opened) & vulnerable to Dark Force interference.  Such repair will assist the many "cleared" souls now ready to move up the ladder of consciousness & further away from the "controlled" frequencies of 3D. 

As these souls move up the ladder of divine consciousness much rewiring taking place within their light body circuitry.  Consequently the earth cellular composition is also being rewired while much karmic memory is neutralized & gradually dissolved from her inner cellular-storage-facility. This is the ''cellular storage facility'' which have been holding the people's karmic programming through eons of time.

AS the people advance into the higher dimensions the earth gets an upgrade and vice versa.

If you wished to donate so that I can effortlessly take care of my 3D necessities while I anchor the earth into the physicality of 5D up to 12D and beyond ... please feel free to donate at your leisure.   You will be assisting the upgrade of mother earth and as such will be granted her protection & reassured advancement into higher worlds.

What you give will be returned to you many fold - that which you protect (earth) will protect you & sustain you. 

Thank for your contribution!

This was written in service to the Divine Plan!

Azure.Azur (Linda Halliburton)

My needs to accommodate my divine mission are the following!

I am now looking for a loan to purchase a home.  This Home Healing clinic-center will sustain the healing frequencies of higher spiritual awareness & the Christ Intelligence used for clearing mass collective Karma from our earth's cellular composites.  This allows for a gradual anchoring of the Higher Dimensions into Earth!

If you are an individual (or a bank) able to accommodate such loan or monetary donation for this new home - please feel free to connect with me. 

Such provision (Divine Home) will safely accommodate the ''new world frequencies'' that are coming.  It will be a place of safety that will freely execute the divine numerics needed to amplify globally the new transition & further unification of earth into higher dimensional reality.  

We need a happy home to accommodate such frequencies. 

Home is where the soul is.. & where heaven is anchored!

During these times of change we need ''safety trigger points'' stabilized in our localities.   One can do this by being the Purifiers, Nurturers & Caretakers of their stationary land and the home that sits above such ''stations''.

I must add that if you own your home you too can accommodate to higher-dimensional-life-integrity. 

If you are working for the good of earth these are the dimensions where you too are heading.  Many of you are!  

Unlike 3D; these are the "live" worlds of Eternal Presence & Continuity.  These are the unbroken worlds sustaining LIFE not mortality & death as in 3D!  

If you are renting it is a bit harder to align fully.  This is so because the owner of your property has free-will & you even as a renter cannot go against their will if they choose to keep property tied to extreme 3D reality.  If you rent you can only amplify your space (at intervals).  While you Rent you can be at the mercy of neighbors or a landlord who's name is under karmic-contracted-alignment with the home.

For healers such as myself it is more difficult to continuously neutralize daily the karmic signatures belonging to others that have entered into our own living spaces (landlords, neighbors from apartments above or below).   If you are ''sensitive'' it can be hard if you do Earth Work like I do.  

Owning a home brings more purity & allows our own spiritual signature be present even inside the atomic structure of the land where the home is sitting.  This allows for a neutralization of the karma left by the last owner of such property (it allows him freedom too).  It allows a clean slate into the higher dimensions for the home, you' the new owner, the street & neighbors that surrounds it...

.....it then amplifies into the city, the state, the nation and the entire world. 

This allows us healers to be able to fulfill our divine missions of ascension more easily.  It all starts in the home after the inner self has upgraded naturally. 

PS. Also a mortgage means less payment each month compared to renting - peace of mind financially will also help!

If you choose to assist: I Linda Halliburton (my personality self) and my Higher Divine Angelic Identity - Azure Azur thank you & bless you!