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Personal Information: Sacred Geometry!

By: AzureAzur (Linda Halliburton)!

I wished to explain here a bit regarding the Divine Blueprint Activations of Original Soul Essence that I offer in connection to my Sacred Geometries & the codes and formats that they carry! 

It was during the summer of 2000 (& after many years of deep inner healing) that I began drawing the most beautiful structures of sacred geometrical intelligence.    I began drawing these complex structures ''free hand'' style using just a pen, ruler & a piece of paper.   I was mesmerized by the complexity of these beauties & how easy it was for me to draw them.   

Deep inside my being I instinctively knew that they were spiritual devices that will one day be used for the purpose of healing and future activations for Ascension.  

{Such experience was a trigger of childhood memories when ''at times'' I would see everything interconnected through some radiant lines (geometries) symbolizing the divine tapestry that unifies us holographically.   At that early age I didn't know what they were... the nuns at the private school that I attended had no clue of such meaning.  Such memory stayed intact, hidden, concealed....  until the time I drew them later.... in 2000}. 

I had no previous training with geometries; only the childhood memory.  This memory from my early innocent days brought me to the conclusion that these creations were part of the gift I was so actively asking to reveal from inside my being.   Not from an 'outside' source but authentic from my inner Soul's creation.

As I quickly drew one after another on this beautiful summer morning I began seeing (through such holographic triggers) a photonic radiant light coming from my inner mind center (in alignment with my heart) and connecting to the spheres.   It was a feeling of Divine Knowing that kept me drawing these beauties for 10 straight hours that day.  

For the period of 3 days I drew constantly.   For the next 3 months I drew only when inspired.  With much excitement I kept drawing while my cosmic vision kept increasing & the lines more complex in designed refinement.

It was not until the 6th month that I realized what I was actually seeing through these radiant lighted lines (geo) were the Divine Particles that inhabit the Photonic Registry of Celestial Radiant Consciousness.   I knew my divine mission (that I sought so hard to know) had began at the moment of those drawings.

But it was not as easy as that... These "light codes & particles" that were held within my DNA programming in connection to my soul's original Identity were visible through my illuminated mind only after years of much clearing!   That is how the geometries revealed themselves 'then' 

'Now' 6 months later (Jan 01) I was to move their informational codes coming from the ''Light Language" just revealed into the mundane language of the 3rd dimension (English, Spanish...)!   Only through the clearing of my four lower bodies was I to accomplish such procedure!   Ruthless clearing (& removal of the illusionary veils of 3D) was a mission now in progress!  

It was during one meditation that I heard my inner voice speak to me as a confirmation to my question.  I heard deep inside my being that the only way to decipher their content is by the continuing clearing of my 4 lower bodies.  This clearing was needed in order to bring into the surface the cellular memory programming that is registering the numerical sequence (& the concealed equations) that is needed to decipher such creations. 

The more I cleared the more information held within cellular memory storage (DNA programming) came into the surface for such viewing & deciphering.  (Karmic mire hides such information keeping many innate gifts concealed)

Now I was to continue clearing and healing my inner self (year after year) for the purpose of awakening my pristine innate Intelligence in connection to these geometries for the purpose of correct deciphering.   It took about another 6 months of deep inner clearing that the next 'phase' was ready to reveal.  Now I was moving into phase number 2.  Many phases were to be revealed throughout the years through the clearing of my own karmic mire!  Here I will mention the ones that I have already accessed!

The Phases of Sacred Geometry Activation

Phase number one: Phase number two: Phase number three: Phase number four: Phase number five: Phase number six:  This information will be available soon!

Phase number seven is soon coming into viewing.  More photonic understanding in connection to the earth's gravitational fields comes with this conclusion.  More to come!

The portal of Stonehenge - 6D to 13D Activation Octover-2005

I must add that phase number five I have experienced in great detail as I was executed with my Over-Soul-Body into the subatomic structure of the land of Stonehenge (Oct 2005) for the purpose of such activation. 

Through a silent meditation I was instructed by my Over-Soul/Monad to ready myself for inter-dimensional sub-atomic subterranean travel.

This was a call leading to immediate urgent action!

I was suddenly in complete surrender mode. Within one micro-second of the call I was transported into the inner planetary grid system & into the corridors of subatomic particle conduity.  With''speed of light frequency velocity'' I was traveling through France (through the vertical axiatonal grid system) leading to my final destination of Stonehenge

This was my first conscious job working sub-atomically & inter-dimensionally through the earth's axiatonal lines; releasing key sites holding plugs/implants that are blocking the ascension process.

More on France a bit later!  

Divine Request:  Such request sent a level of comfort, love & 'cooling/warming glory' throughout my entire body allowing me to feel a deep trust for the Supreme Creator.   I knew that this was a contract needed to be fulfilled right then and there.   I knew it came from The Source of Love because of the energy dynamics taking place allowing me to feel 'instant' deep trust, divine expansiveness & solemn gratitude.    Consequently, this allowed a ''remembering of an agreement'' executed before my birth and which recognition created an intricate expansion of my fields thus allowing for such travel to be possible.  

If the request came from a dark source the heart area would have shrunk and the ego would have been triggered.    In addition, I would have seen that the contract carried karmic mire & not the divinity of ''ascension programs''.  Divine discernment was in order.

The 'fulfilled Stonehenge contract' is the following: 

A 6th to 13th dimensional pulsation code was inserted into this specific axial/ley line portal.  This specific level allowed for a sudden & automatic upgrade to take place from its 6th dimensional overtone allowance into the 13th.  

It seemed that this specific area (portal) had some plugs blocking some 6th dimensional overtone ascension triggers.  Several miniscule plugs sub-atomically intertwined within its micro-sub-overtonic levels were released via such pulsating frequencies. 

This means that if it continued to remain in 6D it would not be permitted its safe activation passage past the 6th dimension (up to 13D) which would have further blocked the ascension process from many other sacred sites that connected to this portal.  We pulsated it safely to 13D.

The 6D-13D pulsation code Activation - allowed subterranean plug/implant release at the subatomic level encompassing a release from the grid system leading to other sacred sites holding similar congested circuits.  This would ensure a safe ascension process beyond the safety of the 12th dimensional & up to the 13th.  Christ safety registers fully in 12D. Everything beyond that is the divine architect of Eternal Life Construction.

The formatted programs of "6D to 13D Divine Intelligence Codes" were inserted for this purpose: freedom through ascension & removing all the plugs & blockages.. which allowed to run through the grid system of our earth! 

The Divine Intelligence Dynamics for Ascension are held in Stonehenge.  I knew NOT that Stonehenge held these codes until I was upgrading its pulsating frequencies.   I also did not know until now that I had such contracts to upgrade the specifics mentioned in this message.

In addition to Stonehenge - France:  Information soon to come!

12D Activation - Charlotte, NC

South Charlotte NC was activated to 12D in December of 2007.  This does not mean that the area would vibrate at 12 dimensional levels immediately.  This would be impossible because the people would not be able to handle such high vibrations physically.  What this activation means is that the pulsating frequencies had been inserted allowing for its gradual activation from 3D to 4D to 5D and on and on.  

The 12D pulsation frequencies opened the possibility for this gradual activation. Meaning the plugs had been removed from this specific area all the way from 3D to 12D in preparation for the 'grand mass awakening' that will start in 2012.  (cycle of ascension 2012-2017).   There will be other activations take place for the cycle of 2017-2022.

This is the Ballantyne area of South Charlotte and would eventually act as a domino effect allowing the rest of the area its proper due activation... slowly, gradually, gracefully and safely.

(This is only a brief description: the exact details of deactivation & the physics behind it will be revealed in the ''new pages'' section under this website's Newsletters Files)

Spokane WA:

Extreme Haarp Activity De-activation!

Anti-Christed Dark Force (Targeted) Attempt voided after 2 weeks of ''ionospheric perversion trial Ice Age experiment''  - City ''marked'' to be hit: Spokane Washington. 

Such 'dark anti-christed project' was a success but it did not continue as long as these 'malevolent forces' had planned!

Divine Contract of Deactivation:

Dark Project voided via de-activation of extreme HAARP projection: 

Such Projectile Haarp Execution was used to create extreme weather activity causing ''electromagnetic reversal experience'' & dangerous Ice-Age trial adversity (Jan 2009).  

I was there physically & previous to that I knew not about such dark Spokane contract not my agreement to assist its "deactivation'' & complete target ''dissolution''. 

I knew years back that I had specific ''contracts'' to work with neutralization of HAARP activity but while in Spokane I knew not of the extremity of the experience.  Of course the revelation came with the actual experience!

As I began to experience such dark contract being fulfilled I realize how serious this was!   Spokane was the core unit for such adverse receivable high frequency voltage conduity.  This was the exact point of HAARP execution trigger which would extend to other areas through electro-magnetic domino-effect conductivity! 

(This specific haarp program was for that specific city & that specific time frame.  But haarp is not limited to just one program.  There are other attempts dealing with other haarp projects).

The de-activation for this specific project was a true success and since then Spokane has been restored to its normal & previously calm & mild winter conditions.  I must add that there were other areas targeted via the grid lines leading to Chicago.  All that insertion of invisible HAARP CONTAMINATION was successfully deleted. 

After the de-activation I took the train from Spokane to Chicago.. I was able to see the distortion extending that far.  Once in Chicago.. I worked on same process but had to reverse the clearing all the way back to Spokane... & back again to Chicago.   Making sure all the etheric grids were clear of such contamination...!

Project of ''deactivation'':  Successfully completed!

My visit to Spokane was to reside there temporarily & assert the Codes of Ascension into certain key points of the city & into Coeur Dalene Lake, ID.  The haarp projection was something unexpected to the level it transpired!  

I was not able to finish inserting the Codes of Ascension because of the interference but I will continue this work via Remote Viewing Capacity & as guided by my Higher Self.

More on this experience a bit later!

In service to the Divine Plan - Safe Ascension Process!

''AzureAzur'' (AKA Linda Halliburton)

At the moment I am working through remote viewing capacity briefly with the following cities:  (cities contracted for activation):  1. Andorra, Pyrenees Mountains, Spain - 2. The Balearic Islands, 3.South France, 4. Northern Siberia, 5. Florida, 6. Morocco. 7 North Atlanta GA.

(These are cities in addition to Stonehenge, Charlotte & Spokane):   Others soon to come into holographic contract viewing!

Areas of North Atlanta will be activated through remote viewing!  There is an area just north of the city in the outer northern skirts of Sandy Springs (north of Downtown) registering the holographic dimensional capacity for 9th level immersion template activation! 

At the moment it registers a 4.4 dimensional status.  Anything higher than 4.4 is still dormant.    This template is prime for activation since it already holds the 9Dimensional potential registered within its cellular DNA composites.  

When ready this area will be utilized for such upgrade in frequencies!  & such will act as a domino effect continuing the activation into other areas holding same programs (of ascension).

PS: Certain geometries are used for many other purposes besides the ''operational potentials'' mentioned in this specific section.  Here we have specifically been speaking about the ones used for Earth Work and the Ascension Process!

To continue!

Back to the Geometries:

Through such intense (& desired) clearing; each year the deciphering of two geometries would reveal their operational potential through their hidden codes and formats.  This revelation was accomplished as I deciphered their encoded frequencies from their previous concealed status of numerical identity into the language of the mundane; earth language.  

Through the gradual re-activation of my own divine blueprint of soul I was reawakened to my divine contracts to heal the planet using the ''spiritual mathematical terminology'' that my geometries had gradually revealed.  I am still going through awakening.. it is not a one time process!   It is gradual & in stages!

Through some of these advanced activations using sacred geometry I am helping specific light-workers that have upgraded their consciousness to the purity of their inner Christ Identity. 

 This downloading of Higher Christ Identity allows them to move through the Thresholds of Enlightenment that much easier and thus quicker.  

Gradual Integrations of Higher Identities & their ''dwelling'' dimensions:

First - the Soul (4D,5D,6D).  Second - the Over-Soul (7D,8D,9D).  Third - the Christ Identity (10D,11D,12D).  Fourth - the Rishi Identity (13D,14D,15D.

The physical body of a non-ascended person is stationed in physical reality of 1D,2D,3D.

Once one reaches a certain downloading of the dimensional Christ identity registered between 10th to 12D it is possible that the other more advanced Angelic - God Self levels (15D & above) are also allowed to be accessed.  This would be a natural access & process, it cannot be forced!  

When this happens it will be like a blissful surprise.. It will be a Gift from The Divine.   This is when the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are brought into the physical existence through the downloading of higher intelligence registering the specific Identity & God Aspects of Self. 

These Aspects are already inherent within the Soul in question (allowing awakening) as she/he moves up the ladder of higher dimensional consciousness. 

Everyone's information is different and cannot be access from outside oneself.   Divine Genius can only come from within!  It can only come from the soul & through the gentle integration of soul into the higher dimensional aspects of one's (divine) matrix.

Capacity to move through the Thresholds!

Back to the Geometries!

The geometries will be used during healings ''etherically'' since they are (for now) only (in print form) in the original paper as I drew them.  With time I will be able to put them into a physical tangible structure so that those interested will be able to purchase and thus wear them for their own personal healings and desired activations for Ascension!

This was written in service to the Divine Plan!

AzureAzur Linda Halliburton


Full Ascension will take place through final planetary zero point polarity as we move through the Galactic Center 2012 - 2017!   Once the earth's final movement into the Galactic center transpires zero point polarity would have been accomplished at a mass collective level!   We must start to align our chakras with our new chakra system; the ones already aligned with the galactic core.

The dropping of the sub-atomics into a non-polarized status is needed through the clearing the four lower bodies.   In addition to the 4 lower bodies we also include the ego, inner child & soul bodies. 

The dropping of the subatomics is also accomplished through the synchronization of the simple numerical sequence of positive & negative polarities held inside the electrical template into the photonic non-polarized status of zero magnetics.  As already mentioned this transpires through the continuation of the healing of those lower bodies.

The information in this page is written from soul to soul,  not from physical intellect to physical intellect!    If you wished to understand more fully move your consciousness to heart while  reading the information thus provided.   Any metaphysical information of your interest will be understood better this way.

Physical intellect is limited in terms of understanding unless it opens its alignment with heart through the ''feelings'' of the words thus written!

The words as I type them here opens up the divine coding of sacred intelligence held inside the dormant blueprints within the DNA structure & the memory of the cell.   This information is written for the purpose of triggering an inner shift that will bring the divine intelligence into the surface for those Light-workers now ready for such levels of divine awakening. 

Some lightworkers are already beyond this point & some others may be hungry for such information.  We are all mastered beings evolving at the level that feels more graceful for our growth & mission now at hand.   I salute you for your input and your grace as you fulfill your divine mission here on earth. 

May you walk this earth in peace!

AzureAzur Linda Halliburton

Member: Upper-Dimensional-Councils of Light

Serving the Ascension process across universes and planetary systems where the Most Divine dictates. Now serving Beloved Terra; Project Mother Earth.

Ultimate Divine Purpose

To Retrieve the Divine Pristine Aesthetics of Mother Earth through Global & Personal Purification.  Assisting with the Activation of Her 'Original Divine Blueprint' as she Ascends into the Worlds of Divine Integrity - 12 dimensional realms & beyond.

~As above so below~


 I do speak a lot about moving upwards into the physicality of 5.5 & upwards (5th dimensional realm) & would like to explain a little further. 

Here I would like to briefly clarify the following

D = dimension

{In order to be protected from the dark agenda and the self serving mechanisms of the 3rd dimension one must walk in dimensions beyond the 5th but also have their fields saturated with the light frequencies registering beyond the 12th dimension.  Protection with 12D is needed until (through ascension) we reach its safety & reside there on a continuous basis}. 

{Dark forces can enter the physicality of 5D all the way up to the 11D.  Thus the necessity to protect oneself with 12th dimensional technologies & the fluid love of such higher realities!} 

HAARP Activity does not & cannot register beyond 12D!   That is one example of such protective spheres of reality.

... & The Blue Road Home!

Linda Azure-Azur Halliburton

Pacific Northwest: 208.906.2727

Appalachia: 684.551.4424

Orlando:  407.479.3333 -

All sessions are private and confidential. Cost: $80.00 per hr.

Copyright by Azure-Linda Halliburton


Sacred Geometry Activations   


*Divine Earth Healings & Planetary Holographic Matrix Realignment!

*Divine Personal Healings - Realigning the Human Subatomic Structure for Zero Point Polarity!

*Sacred Geometry Expertise Used for Spin Point Activation & the Dropping of the Sub-atomics. 

*Divine Mathematical Alchemy used for upgrading the numerical sequence within the DNA structure for the reawakening of the Immortal Codes and Eternal Youth Programming!

*Genius Code Program Activation!

*Core Radiance Activation allowing for the  reassertion of Divine Aesthetics and Dynamic Youth Proportions into the DNA Programme!


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