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Akashic Record Clearing & Healing!

All Clearings are performed through abidance of Karmic Law (Universal Divine Order) & for the highest good of all concerned.

These sessions will assist you in healing the soul aspects of self that are injured due to past life history karma.   We clear negative vows, agreements & contracts not serving your growth & progress in this lifetime.   Any Dark Forces or Negative Entities attached to your fields (creating distortions) are removed along with any generational curses that were transferred to you via your genetic lineage or via any other means thus connected to your karma.  

Any Etheric Implants, Transplants, High Tech Devices &/or Negative Plugs or Seals used for ''frequency control'' (to block your safe Ascension Process) (or to block your psychic channels) will be removed along with any ''contracts'' that allowed the attachment of such "inserts".   

All karma cleared from the soul & astral bodies will also be cleared from the Akashic records, cellular memory and all time lines & past lifetimes.   We will heal all parallel & alternate realities allowing the aspects or fragments of soul lost or frozen in 'time' to be retrieved, revitalized and healed in completion as we integrate them back to the soul present through this incarnation.     Please see a more detailed explanation for this session: "entity release" (OR) "perpetual karma clearing"

.  Negative Entity Release - Anti-Christ Esoteric Imprint Deletion! 

(My own personal stages of 'Dark Shadow of the Soul Clearing' began in 1992.  Extensive clearing and training began in 1996)

.  Perpetual Accountability for Karma - Clearing & Deletion:


Each 'layer' of clearing will take place from all times-lines & dimensions - reaching all the way to the ''origins of soul'' & all through to ''eternity''.   

Here we will clear to the level of evolvement the soul has reached but due to karmic laws we will only clear up to the time NOW.  - Meaning; newly created karma that is set to be triggered in the future cannot be cleared due to these karmic laws.   But karma from the past & through ancient time-line record keeping will be cleared as allowed by the Keepers of such Knowledge & the Directors of Universal Laws & Perfect Order - (cosmic attorneys).

With that said: - Sometimes we may get permission to clear futuristic time lines... from newly created karma, along with certain karmic triggers not really known in the present time frame of 'perceived' reality.    This allows for a clean slate much further into the future. 

This advanced clearing is mostly granted by the Spirit of the soul in question & as a 'gifting' process.  It is granted as long as the lesson has been learnt & new pictures of reality ready to manifest through the free will of the individual!     It is gifted  only when much dedication to healing has taken place thus allowing the capacity for futuristic time line intervention.  

This is permission granted by the Spirit which is very desirable & very rare indeed!     If you have been working on yourself devotedly, you can rest assure this may just be granted.  You have the free will (through purificatory means) to prepare for such gifting process.  Christ Rhythm

PS: Cosmic Attorneys & Healers:  Christ is one of the superior Cosmic Attorneys & Healers for this specific planetary system & as such we will call on Him for all assistance. 

In service to the Ascension Process and the freedoms that entail.  Safe release of 3D reality!

Azure.Azur - linda halliburton


Healing to the 'Origins of Soul'

Reaching to the ''origins of soul'' will take us to the time when separation from Divine Creator Essence (God) took place.   Here we will tune in and see if there are any 'minute' levels of Original Development dealing with any fragmentation issues that were seeded through such separation as we later made our way into physical reality.  The 'seemed' separation took place as we made entrance into this "free will" universe which is separate from the Unified Harmonic Universes of God's Nirvanic Worlds stationed in the higher dimensions.  

The fragmentation program (& the abandonment program that followed) even in the most miniscule aspects can be traced to the origins of soul creation and its (later) dimensional descension into the world of 3rd dimensional reality - earth reality.  

Many things happened during this dimensional descent as we made entrance into physical reality:  the Fall From Grace; the Original Sin; the Creation of Ego; & the Hostage from Dark Forces as they interfered with the free willed societies of 3rd dimensional reality... & on and on.    

Now dimensional ascension is in order as we move farther from 3D & into the worlds of divine freedom & integrity (into spaces where no ego can sustain any dark activity nor the entrance of dark forces through our self created injuries).

* Eventually as we ascend from 3D - we will pass through the physicality of 5D into 6D moving through the higher dimensional realms into 12D and beyond.  This ascension process will eventually take us to the Original Homes of our Cosmic Dwelling Worlds where we were once fully connected to Source.   These dimensional upgrades are the Soul - Over-Soul - Christ & Source dimensional realms mentioned through this website. 

Ascension is the goal for all the healings mentioned in this website!

This session will assist you into healing the 'soul aspects' of self that are injured due to past life history karma.  Here we clear negative vows, agreements & contracts not serving your growth and progress in this lifetime.  In addition: any entities attached to your fields creating distortions are removed along with any generational 'curses' that were transferred to you via your genetic lineage.


*When implants are found:  Any implants held etherically that had been used for frequency control (manipulation by the dark forces) will be deactivated, neutralized and deleted in completion.   Such deletion will also take place from all levels of recorded history.  This history is held within the cellular storage capacity of the Akashic records, the cellular body structure, the atomic body, the astral/emotional body & the soul matrix body. 

All recorded karmic history held within any incarnational gridded systems of 3rd dimensional reality will be voided and rescinded into the light.  All programs, subprograms and informational matrixes that were created through the implants will also be voided and rescinded along with any other obligations that were due through their triggers.  

Any other detection of negative imprints are deleted and their memory removed! 

It is important that all Imaging Cubes holding the implants in place be dismantled & dissolved.  If not done properly the Implant will return!    These 'Imaging Cubes' creating replicas of distortions will be dismantled and dissolved or sent back to the light for other purposes of divine creative triggers.  Please be advised that HAARP ACTIVITY also triggers the expansion of the Imaging Cubes allowing the Implant to increase in power and continue with its input. 

Please go to Imaging Cubes for further information on these triggers!

Once the final residual has been removed we continue by canceling any 'other' contracts, vows or agreements that allowed the implants in place through the attraction to injury.   In order for the implant to be inserted there had to be some form of injury that allowed the implant to attach.  At this point of deletion such injury becomes reversed and the original karmic cause is also reversed and re-written as if perfect.  All self sabotage tools that were automatically created from the degenerating influence of the implants will automatically be removed through the purging of these energies. 

At this point of purification we ask for New Pictures of Divine Reality to replace all that has been released.  

All clearings take place at the holographic level encompassing all dimensions, time lines, parallel lifetimes and alternatives; all planetary systems and the void.   At such quantum holographic level the clearing continues all through to the origins of soul and all through to eternity!  

Many levels of karmic memory are automatically cleared to the level of the soul's evolvement at the time the session starts.   The clearing does not end when the session is final; clearing continues throughout the night and homework is offered for the working of one's future issues.

Other implantation devices that are detected and thus removed:  Transplants holding negative codes and formats, High Tech devices used for frequency control, Long Distance Operating Devices used to track one's personal endeavors and used remotely in computers outside our planetary system and inside the 3rd dimensional planetary matrix... (3D planetary matrix).

These are some of the frequency control devices that are found when the implants are detected. We also locate and deactivate any HAARP ACTIVITY now present in the bodies, the home and the etheric land where the dwelling is located!  At this point of the session any Chem-Trails sustaining the numerical geometrical distortions of Haarp Activities within the atmospheric regions all around the dwelling will be automatically dislodged as it dissolves into the ethers.

Divine Beings that will assist with this Clearing: 

The Karmic Councils of Light for this universe - the Office of the Christ - the Office of the Divine Mother - The 24 Elders that surround the Throne of Grace - Grace Elohim and her Silver Light Ray - the Elohim Directors that sustain the frequencies of elemental power (air, water, earth, fire) - The Elohim Directors of the Higher Dimensions (beyond 12D). The Solar Lords & Lord Ra.  Plus any other Light Being that is contracted to assist you in this session.

We will also use Schaddei Profiles (& El Schaddei) to clear the Fall from Grace Imprint engraved within the heart chakra.  The Schaddei Profiles are stationed within the Monad Body and they will be re-programmed within the DNA template to remove any other memories holding any imprints from The Fall. 

Jehovah Raffa will also assist with any healing at the soul level affecting the physical biological intelligence.   He & His Divine Complement hold one of the aspects of Source Purest Frequencies registering the cosmic doctoring of the heavens.  He/She works with the Great Brotherhood Medical Assistant Team & Archangel Raphael. 


Preparation for activation 1989 - 1992  (personal upgrade for awakening)

'Biological Ascension'' contracts to start their activation: 1996 to 2012-2017

''Beyond Ascension'' contracts to start their activation: 2017 to 2022

"Cosmic Ascension" contracts to start their activation: 2022 & beyond


Copyright 2001 by Azure.Azur Linda Halliburton

All sessions are private and confidential.  Cost: $80.00 per hour