Update - June 16

New Ascension Portals Stationed - Corridors installed!

Cosmic Veterinarians helping the release of toxic agents on the surviving creatures!

Since the last breakage of the pipe in June 3 - I  have been taking some time as guided by my Higher Self to check if new corridors could be placed to lead the Gulf creatures with no chance for survival be guided into areas of evacuation (portals of ascension).  

The previous corridors were destroyed on June 3 when the pipe broke 'again'. Some of the portals also destroyed.   Placing new corridors has been a bit harder because of the forceful effect of the exertion of the oil since June3.  But the animals have not been forgotten.  The ascension work continues & I am commanding the removal of any dark force activity negating any of my benevolent intentional activities - & the benevolent activities of everyone working for the Good of All involved.

Last night I saw a more confirmed stationary point of localized position for the corridors leading to the portals.   This would allow the animals (those with no chance for survival) to be magnetized into such areas.  As mentioned earlier they would then be taken into automatic ascension triggers for the purpose or evacuation.  

HEALING THE ANIMALS:  Here I have requested a healing to any damage done to the surviving creatures.  I am requesting that the Over-Soul of those creature species & the cosmic veterinarians heal any damage created by the inhalation of the fumes of such corrosive toxic oils.   I am asking that the many cosmic veterinarians start working on this health issues as it is presented by each individual Over-soul aspect of the entire species for each animal. 

DIVINE TIMING OF ''RESCUE PHYSICAL COMMAND'' STATUS:  For the LIVING animals:  That all animals ''surviving'' the disaster continue being taken into the arms of those loving souls who's contracts are to rescue and thus nurture into safety.  Thank you to those of you with such loving prayers & visualizations. 

After June 3 when the portals were destroyed many animals were suddenly found to be rescued - but some died just like in the explosion.  The fact that not that many dead animals were found could be because of the extinction that took place with the ascension programs & the portals.  As mentioned in the Beluga Story extinction also means Ascension.  

The dynamics taking place are vast.   Much is happening at the etheric levels which is invisible for many humans - also too advanced for many to digest.  Lets just say The Divine is working - A Divine Strategy is taking place.     

The pipe seems to be impossible to cap.  This would be the darkest situation in this matter.  But the animals and the removal of oil is being worked.  . 

This was written very fast.. I will upgrade and refine with a bit more time.

This was written in service to the Divine Plan - the Benevolent Christ Frequency & the Final Contracts of Ascension 2012- 2017!

AzureAzur Linda Halliburton