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Adversity Detection, Deletion & Proper Realignment to the planets.

Planetary Karmic Detection, Deletion & Proper Realignment to the planets:

Here we detect any malefic astrological influences affecting the evolutionary process of the soul in question.   After such detection we walk through the Incarnational Corridors of Time to see what distortions are causing the adversity.  We then check the 7 bodies that connect with earth's physical reality for any karmic imprints held at the cellular level now ready to re-surface for the purpose of deletion.  

The 7 bodies are: the physical, mental, emotional, astral, ego, inner child & soul bodies. 

*Sanskrit Mantras & Advanced Sacred Geometry are the main modalities used for this clearing!

Sanskrit Mantras will be used for the following 7 main planets & the 5 that follow:  Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Moon Venus, Jupiter & the Sun.    Uranus does not have a specific mantra but will be assisted by the mantra used for Saturn.  Pluto will be assisted by the Mantra used for Mars.  And Neptune will be assisted by the Mantra used for Jupiter.  In addition we will correct any malefic patterns thus derived from the North and the South Node.  This are the Karmic Nodes of the Moon.    The specific Divine Spirit that is contracted to support each planet is now ready to assist such clearing!

Mathematical Encodements thought Sacred Geometry will be used with the following 2 planets:  Maldek & Orion.



Theses are the planets of Karmic Retribution which created the original lowered ego mechanisms now perfectly established here on Earth.  Ego needs to be lifted for the purpose of Ascension & the Cycle of Divinity that will take place between the years 2012-1017.

Healing karma previously incurred in these two planets is a must if we are going to complete the wheel of karmic retribution that continues playing here on earth.  Through the clearing of these two planets we can easier release earth karma, this is so because earth karma is mostly a continuation from these previous past realities.

Many people here on earth are still carrying karma from these two planets.  Karma that was later transferred to Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt..... & into the world that we now face.  

Maldek was inhabited by many souls now residing here on earth & through the ''misuse of will & power'' Maldek eventually exploded with the many souls inhabiting such planet.  Much pain continues to reside within the psyche of those injured souls.   

Orion was so far back in time, some (few) very advanced souls also resided in such planetary realm for the purpose of bringing light into such dark reality.  This is a planet that continues to thrive in darkness & it is a escape point for many dark forces to take their refuge there.  These low vibrational forces are mostly fugitives living in a planetary locale within the universe where the laws of nature do not abide (earth has been following suit).  This is a planet whose spin particles rotate in an opposite direction from its axis than the rest of the Divine Willed - Christ Conscious Universe

Many visiting souls died in Orion. Those that did not die there were held captive and many others turned to darkness.   This is injury that many are still carrying here on earth.  Pains, sicknesses & all types of trauma could be the "effect'' of taking residence is such karmic realities.  

*Please be advised that I can speak about these ''dimensional locales'' because I was there.  If you are reading this message there is a ''chance'' that you inhabited one or the other; or both.  

Much is coming up and it is not just earthly based... it is vast multidimensional.

This was written in service to the Divine Plan!

Linda Halliburton



Something that is not discussed (& not really known by many) is the fact that ''many'' dark forces are now turning to the Light.  

(to continue)