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How is your Inner Hearing Capacity?  Can you hear the animals talk?  Can you understand their language... Can you hear the Almighty Power of Mother Earth...  Can you tap into the purest frequencies that register inside her body?  Can you delete the karmic mire left there by the peoples?  Can you get into her cellular programming and begin the process of your own awakening?



Mother Earth is speaking; are you hearing her call? 


Can you hear the Wolf calling in the night?.  I know some of you are in the city.  The call is just the same... it is at the level of spirit... She calls at the deepest level of soul inclusion.

Wolf speaks of the Moon. They speak of the water elementals & the conduits of negative ionic content connecting to moon power.   They speak of the negative ions needed to be activated that can assist with the purification of many areas holding large water composites.  Oceans included!   Negative ions can also be activated to purify your system; don't forget the majority of your biological composition is water.  

You need NOT have water or rain pour on you in order to activate negative ionic power in your system.  For you are water already. 

In addition to water we hold all the elementals in our biological and spiritual bodies.  

All the elements are in us... 


Today the message is from Lady Wolf.  


I know many of you have been waiting for this page detailing the HMR: Holographic Matrix Restoration to be completed (that has nothing to do with animals)    Sorry... but getting to the very basics is needed before I download the HMR.

So back to the Wolf...

the yin/feminine energy connecting to Moon/Water/Silver/Dolphin.  Now we get back to the bare basics. 

We now get back to nature (the animal kingdom). 

Just think; if for any reason you don't feel my information gets to you... just turn to the animals they will teach you.  They will assist you in understanding the dynamics of energy, of nature, the dynamics of love. They carry the supportive energy that can assist those without families to align with such love here on earth.   You need not have them around physically.... just tune to them energetically... they are with you in Spirit.  There is no separation!

Their message today is simple:

 Cherish their power, their nurturing energy and strength.  Fluid love is in their eyes; They bring you support; cherish their energy, .... We are the Caretakers of Mother Earth... but in many ways we have forgotten.  They are here as examples...! 

The Moon, the Water, the Wolf, the Human, the Angel... We are all ONE! 

This is the Yin of the Yang... in the months to come we'll speak of the Yang.  Lion will come with 'his' call. 

He will speak of the Fire (element). 

The warmth, the yang, the fire, the photonic nutrients that lie in the warmth of the Sun.     

We have 4 elements (water, fire, air, earth).  Plus the 5th element which is the Akasha.   The Akasha is the realm where all the records of the soul are kept... If you can enter the corridors of informational knowledge held between the worlds of dimensional expansion laying outside the 3rd and 4th may just tap into such frequency.   Be aware the higher the dimensional realm of recorded informational history the higher the vibratory level & more advanced the soul in question.

After the water & fire animal-spirits have spoken; Air will follow.  

This is Dove's elemental unified power in service to humanity & as a call for further purification.  She comes in feminine form & as a call for divine unification.    Now the male counterpart of the Air element comes into play.  In this stage of divine order  Eagle will also make his call to humanity, he speaks of the need for Deletion of Ego Identification.   Negative Ego must be deleted & all enemy patterning transmuted with its fears of survival imprint.    All contracts dealing with enemy territorial patterning must be cancelled, voided & rescinded. 

It is time to put the "sword" down.  It is time to cease gun fire! 

A warrior is not a warrior until he has found PEACE within himself.   Fighting ''dark forces'' can only be accomplished by the true warrior qualifications that comes with reaching inner peace.  Fighting people... that is an un-evolved (barbarian) effort to keep  people absent from what is really happening globally in connection to Ascension.   These wars are being used to keep people sleep and diverted from their true path of Ascension.  War is an ''agenda''... it is planned for such purposes!

Earth comes next...

Spirit Animals are taking their turn to decide which is coming.... Cougar will take his turn to describe his alignment and his message for humans in connection to Earth power.  He brings many friends from the animal kingdom including the Bear, the Lynx and the Tortoise!  The Wild Goat from Es Vedra has an important message....she/he resides in Ibiza!  The Eleanorís Falcon from same island will come with the Dove through the air element.  Both the Falcon & Wild Goat reside side by side!

The 5th element; the Akasha - the spiritual-etheric realm now comes into play..

From this realm we align with the White Unicorn.  Yes they do exist.. please close your eyes if you wished to see.  They bring a higher level of divine unconditional love in such upgraded levels of refinement that humans are yet to tap into..  We can tap into this etheric creature and learn the dynamics of energetics connecting to this blissful energy of fluid love vibration.  

Purification in its highest; this is Unicorn's power!   The purer the energy the higher and more intense the fluid love  emitted.   Intensification of love comes with the frequency of Purity.

Purity is key!


May the blessings be & may you 'gently' walk this earth in Peace!  

Divinity in Action!

Azure.Azur-linda halliburton

Copyright © 1997 by Azure.Azur Linda Halliburton



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