The Divine forces assisting this clearing are the following:

The Spirit of Jesus (Christ Melchizedek Sananda) ~ The Holy Spirit ~ The Mighty Elohim (of Higher dimensional intelligence) ~ The Gaia Elemental Spirits sustaining Christ Harmonic Frequencies ~ The Celestial Tribunal Councils of Light for this local universe ~ the 24 Elders that surround the Throne of Grace ~ Ra ~ Grace Elohim ~ Archangel Gabriel ~ Archangel Zatkiel ~ Archangel Raphael ~ The Divine Cosmic Police & The Divine Cosmic Attorneys dealing with Karmic Law!

Only those Archangels holding the integrity of Christ intelligence will be allowed to assist.

Cosmic Attorneys:  These Divine Beings work with universal frequencies exceeding the 5th dimension.  Their Stations for Deliverance are set in stations within the 8th up to the 12th dimension.  They came from the Central Universe (paradise worlds to assist the earth's ascending humans).

They now work for this localized universe & as such are stationed within such spherical spaces of space/time hologram continuity.  Not beyond space & time but within it as to assist earth's populations clear karma which is intricately held within their 4th dimensional bodies in connection to the time-continuum that is set in motion there.

Some Souls here on earth carry same (or similar) Divine Identity to fulfill such Spiritual Contract of Achievement.  Very similar to the one's these Divine Cosmic Attorneys carry within the particulars of their own immortalized identities.  Those humans that have such angelic DNA coding strata can assist here on earth with such Spiritual Endeavors.  Such as to cancel and rescind contracts thus affecting populations through the dark activity mentioned in these pages. 

These souls (humans) can assist with such endeavors for dark extraterrestrial & entity removal through the clearing of such contracts.  Such souls can assist the removal of the karma (including perpetual karma) holding humans prisoners to the 3-4D earth which has been taken hostage through the frequency control of such malevolence.

I hold such contracts and many other legitimate healers carry such as well.

If you are suffering from such troubles don't be too concerned.  Help is available - you are not alone!   Some of us that have such ''codes of deliverance'' for removal of the dark forces have been under 'their' attack.   We have already been there - & we are still alive, thriving and now assisting others through their troubles.   They cannot buy any more time.   Their day is Done.

It is the final countdown! 

It is the the final countdown; for them and for all of humanity - those in the crossroads between light & darkness.


Specific Assistance from Mother Earth!!

Earth Divas & the Elemental Directors of the Mineral Kingdom.   The Divine Spirits of the Animal Kingdom: Wolf Spirit, Eagle Spirit, Dove Spirit & Great White Bear.


Frequencies used during this clearing: