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I want to thank those of you that have called to ask: How does one get to the next level.  This brings me to some recent & previous pages where I mentioned energy abuse by the dark forces.  Now I am guided to explain further:

In this page there are no technical explanations nor rare spiritual or scientific data.  This is an easy read.  It is easy but also a very important message for those wanting to know how to advance faster!

When I mention energetic abuse sometimes it is not the dark forces who are projecting.   It can happen from the most unsuspecting people, knowingly or unknowingly; willingly or unwillingly.   

I ask everyone to please watch how you direct your thoughts.  Make sure you do not hook up to the chakra systems of others.   There should not be any enmeshment of energy through the chakra channel unless you are connected that way to your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend.  In such cases it is okay.  

If a person does not share your bed at night - keep out of their chakras!!   KEEP OUT!.  

Of course if you have a baby such chakra connectivity is also important.  But friends, (business partners, neighbors, acquaintances, healers) should respect such boundaries unless one wishes to process the energy, issues and karma of others (& back & forth).  The nervous system can become clogged through such "hook" up & the heaviness can be traumatic. 

If you are a healer: - once ''session is over'' - please disconnect.  Leave your clients to their own growth & development.  How can they synchronize ''the upgrades'' given in the session when you are still hooked to them and allowing them to process "your stuff" as you continuing ''delving'' in theirs?.   Please unhook and allow their Spirit take care of the rest.  

Here we (as healers) do not want to make others dependent on our energy.  We must allow them to energetically disconnect from us and allow them to connect with their own inner soul & spirit.   

I also suggest that please do not send light to others unless they ask.  I have seen many people send light when they were under the weather directing some karmic issues on the way & affecting the one at the receiving end.  If the one at the receiving end is psychic they may not appreciate it very much.  The intention was nice but one needs to be certain that the frequencies are totally of pure Christ Consciousness & not coming from the chakras (energy bodies) or lower bodies.  

When I mention the Christ Consciousness I am not referring to the Christ of the church.  I am referring the Spirit of the individual connected to the Christ frequency in the 12th dimension.   This is Universal Christ Consciousness - it is universal.  Meaning: it is not restricted to only a few & it is not separate from anyone.  Only at the earth level people separate such identity through the church.   Since everyone has a Spirit; everyone has an aspect of that Spirit holding Christ Identity & consciousness.   It is part of everyone, for it is the innate identity of the spirit stationed in the higher dimensional realms closer to God.    It is the aspect of self already freed from EGO.  

* If you are in such space of pure untainted unconditional love (this would be Christ Level).  Share it with the world in general as you expand your love that way.  If you are an Ascended Master & have already reached Self Realization please have at it - direct as you wished.  Your loving projection would be greatly appreciated.   

Until one has reached that STATUS (of enlightenment) please be careful how you direct any energies to a "specific" person as not to ''unconsciously'' direct any energy hooks of enmeshment.  

As already mentioned if you have a boyfriend, lover husband, wife etc.... do so with them.  Any others not sharing out beds need to be respected & their boundaries (specially where the chakras are stationed) need to be left alone!


If you need to INCLUDE others in your meditations or earth healings - please ask them permission first.  Do not just insinuate that they are ready or are okay to be included.  It could be that they are involved in ''other'' earth activations and you bringing their energies (by force) into your space could ''disorient'' the "other" work they may be doing.   If you ask first they may agree if they are able! 

You can send them literature so that they can read such intentional activities & they can agree at the conscious level.   With me: I prefer NOT to ask their soul permission until I get a yes from the person first.   Then if I get a yes from the person - I continue by asking the soul & spirit next.  I need to get 3 confirmations (yes, yes, yes).  If I only get yes from one I don't intrude.  

There may come a time when you are deep in meditation and someone appears:  you will know if they are interfering with your work (by being noisy) & entering your space without permission.  Or you will be able to tell that they were already working at their own levels & you two just happen to encounter each other.  If you feel another person's consciousness in your meditations & know they are interfering please gently send them back to their own consciousness.  

Just because you two encountered each other in one meditation does not mean they can do so more often just by curiosity, admiration or attachment.  Use discernment!   Don't allow other people's consciousness disturb your meditative space. 

Sometimes they may show up unwillingly for a bit just to clear a level of karma.  As you clear you will see them moving away.  This is good - meaning such layer has cleared and they went back to their own consciousness.  Mostly this is from past life.   If they stick around - just gently send them back.   Some may just be ''feeling too good'' to let go of your energy - at such point they would be interfering with your free will - this is against karmic law. 

At such instances: Let their spirit know that they are intruding and this could help them release more easily.   Gently send them back through the Christ!   They will find the same nurturance once they get back into their own.  


This is one experience used as example: Once I felt a person in my fields and I could not remove such energy.  I asked what they were doing & this was the response: "Oh I was just thinking about you... I liked your aura and wanted to ''study'' it "  WHAT??.   I told them that this was against universal law to please take their consciousness back.  

Of course in their logical minds this was okays so forgiveness was in place.  For them it was a compliment to me that they were doing such -but it wasn't - it was intrusive.   In other instances energy projections were worse... surely all of you know what I am talking about. 

Many people (even some lightworkers) are not yet CONSCIOUSLY aware of their thoughts and energy projections.   This is one of the lessons that needs to be completed before one can get to the next level.  Specially those training to be healers.  I repeat: Please watch yourself and your energy projections.   A certain level of discernment through the honoring Free Will needs to be asserted.   Spiritual Maturity cannot be reached nor move into the NEXT LEVEL until this Discernment & Honoring has been completed.  

Other people's energies should be NOT studied.. study your own!   NO ONE IS A GINNY PIG.  Please go to healing seminars.  Or ask permission and that may be granted.   Permission is a courtesy that needs to be granted.  Because this is s free will universe...  karmic law says so!

This may not apply to you or it may:  If you fantasize about another - stop it!   It is against universal law.  This is rape.  Please be aware of such projections.  If you are one at the receiving end... ask for all misuse of will & power be stopped and all remote viewing used for frequency control against you be blocked immediately.  Their energies will feel like glue.  Continue this until you are clear! 

I am not judging - but since you asked.  These are the basic rules needed to get to the next level of spiritual maturity.   One must be conscious of energy and thought projections - specially sexual.  I mentioned sexual fantasy in 2004 in the New Year message.  So this is a repeat statement!    If you are thinking sexually about someone other than your actual lover & the attraction is NOT mutual you are interfering with FREE WILL.  

If during sex you are thinking about someone other than your lover & that ''other'' person is not in accordance with your sexual projections - you are creating karma for yourself.     You are energetically raping them.   This is against The Law - Universal Law - Karmic Law!    Secretly you may be doing this but the Eye of the Universe is watching.    Nothing is hidden - everything is recorded within your own Akashic Records.  Who records this? You do!


I am NOT saying to restrict your unconditional pure love.   I repeat: if you have already reached the most refined level of untainted unconditional love & Christ Consciousness... please share it & expand it.   If you don't feel a total conduit of such Pure Christ Consciousness (YET) just be careful when you are "wishing" to send it to a ''specific'' person as not to unconsciously control them that way.        

If you want to get to the next level - I always say: remove judgment.  Today I will say: Please be aware of your thoughts and projections.  If you NEED to heal someone Please ask permission before you enter their space.  

This has been a lesson even for the most enlightened.   It has been a lesson to all advanced healers.  This is basic universal law mechanics.  If you want to know the more ''advanced laws'' you need to complete initiation of the basic 3 lessons mentioned below.  Divine Intelligence cannot expand (through wisdom) until the very basics are completed.   One cannot go from A to Z unless they reach B & C and so on!


All derived from LESSONS OF DISCERNMENT: 2004!

Here I am just giving you some basic 'tricks'... into how to move up to the next level: There are 3 basic rules before one can get into the more advanced levels of ascension & deeper healing. 

1. keep away from criticism or judgment.   Some of you may think I am criticizing in this page but I am simply sharing information in connection to the experience of those asking for these answers.  Please keep what your heart claims as true & peacefully release the rest.  

2.  Be totally aware of your thoughts & energy projections - Purity and detachment is key.   If you want to fantasize - fantasize about your boyfriend or girlfriends, husband or wife.  Or fantasize about God.   Leave your other brothers & sisters to their own intimate & private spaces.  You can be a great friend this way.  There is no need to be intimate with friends through chakra & energy hooking attachment.   A boundary is a  boundary please use your wisdom and discernment. 

3.  Be careful what types of noises or music you allow enter into your consciousness.  

Many people want to advance but are not yet aware of these 3 basic lessons & initiations.  I am not judging - this is a sharing of information & a teaching.  It is also a reminder!  Your soul knows all this.

Once these initiations have been achieved in a certain level of completion; one can move into the more advanced levels of activations, healings & upgrades.  Practice with the lesson of being aware & respectful.  Use loving detachemnt.  Practice makes perfect.



The following is one example of number 3 being completed to a certain level of achievement.  If you respond YES to the following 3 questions you have then completed this initiation: 

1. Have you heard ''the music'' in the Silence & the Stillness of your Space?  Celestial music that is... 

Silence is silent.   Beautifully silent until you reach the Silence so deep into your sacred heart that it literary expands into the music of the Celestial Universe all around you.  This allows you ''inner hearing capacity'' attune to the celestial musical dimensions stationed within the spherical spaces of divine harmonic consciousnessMeaning: you will hear the Angels sing. 

* In addition: You will hear your Angelic Essence tune in for the Nirvanic Festiveness that the Silence has provided!  I spoke about this in 2000 when I was drawing my geometries.   The music of the Spheres were connected to the geometries.   Many newsletters have been written about the Silence!   Silence is Key!

I must add that Silent space can be Silent as well.  The celestial music and other divine information in the form of Wisdom can come as well.  But being totally Silent is best for renewal of the soul and the psychic levels needing pure silence!   The mind needs pure silence in order to align it to the psychic centers and thus read them accurately.

2.  Have you heard your Spirit speak in the Silence of your Sacred Heart?   Have you heard that telepathic memo being sent to you through Silence?

3.   Does the music of 3D bring a great discomfort to your well being?  This would mean that your energies have been refined to the point where you DNA is activated where such music contradicts the music that your cells are now playing.  Certain music of 3D will oppose the divine music of your Spirit Self.  Your Spirit Self - once she/he is more connected to you.... may not want to sit and listen to certain 3D music!   It will just not be allowed.   Not to mention you physical ears will not allow it either!  

I must say NOT all music here on earth is damaging.  If the music carries divine frequencies (even if hidden) the electromagnetic input coming through the speakers would be diminished and transformed.   But if the music carries basic low 3D vibrations the electromagnetic execution would be very harmful.  Only those with advanced DNA templates would feel such hidden disturbances & stickiness

These are simple ways you will know you are advancing.  3D sometimes will feel too impure to you specially music and the judgments of others or certain levels of energy attachments.  You will crave purity, silence and divine communication.  In many instances as you continue going through the initiations - you will start attracting same level of refined vibrations and the past karmic relationships will begin to disappear.  

You will appreciate the respect that those others provide as they regard your energetic spaces with the boundaries that you have set.   There will be a higher level of bonding, respect & higher honoring!   There will be a ''detached'' bonding - one that speaks of pure unconditional love & Christ conscious re-alignment.    Of course with boyfriends & lovers the bonding would be passionate and pure and totally connected to the chakras.  

The ''detached'' bonding I speak of comes with friendships & partnerships that are not romantically oriented.  I know you get my drift..!

Regarding music & haarp activity: I speak more about this under the webpage: dangers of bass projections!



Some advanced adults & many pure children specially the very advanced indigos, crystals & indigos (including the autistic) are very sensitive to the music and mixture of colors of 3D.  These souls hold pure advanced consciousness & advanced DNA coding.   Music of 3D devastates their little ears (& souls).   If you are hurt by most of 3D music this means you too have advanced to such levels.   If certain colors mixed together make you uncomfortable this means your DNA has changed to a more brilliant and advanced ray color then before. 

I actually had to study a bit about these children in order to understand why I was so hurt by most music created by our musical talents of today.  Some healers could not understand but one told me her child had the same problem.  This child was autistic!

It will come a time when only very few composers here on earth (3rd dimension) will bring joy as you listen to them.  All the other music would be hard to hear for even a second.  This means that your DNA is now too advanced & too pure to allow such distorted harmonies enter into your space.  It will literally hurt your fields.  This means you have advanced into higher spheres of divine initiation. 

If you have refined your tuning forks...(energy fields holding the overtonic levels of dimensional alignment) you will be super sensitive to unsuspectingly normal 3D harmonies.  ''Normal'' to you would not be ''normal'' anymore. "Some" normality to you would almost seem barbarian.  No exaggeration here!    This is so because you now are becoming an ascended master - truly refined & spiritually advanced!!

Ps If you need to connect to others please do so through the unified field or through your higher self.  This way one is connected from a level of purity and divine consciousness.  If you connect from the lower chakras of even through the heart knowing your heart is still injured and your sacred heart not yet operational or active what would happen as already mentioned is that you will process others issues or their karma.  They will also process your own.  

This is a work in process for everyone ascending!  Lets walk this path in purity & divine detachment.  Through detachment one can love universally - this can refine the heart and allow the sacred heart start its functioning of divine harmonic consciousness! 

This is simply my opinion - please take what your heart claims as true & peacefully release the rest.  It is not an accusation - it is a sharing of information to those who have asked regarding their specific situation and desire to advance faster.  More than one person has called with similar question and also with issues regarding what I mention in this page! 

This is for you brother - sister!  May you find your freedom to advance speedily!  In Divine Speed that is...  May you allow your energies thrive in purity and complete detachment. 

By: AzureAzur Linda Halliburton - In service to the Divine Plan!

Copyright 2001 by Linda Azure Halliburton

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