I would say no we didn't, even though the feeling would "seem" one of deep uncertainty!   I must say there is always a way out (a solution) even in the midst of horror.  If we claim our power, then our inner God Spark can & will assist through its deep connection to the Source of all There is.... 

But we must stay our grounds and for once reclaim the earth beneath our feet.   If not then the dark forces will continue to have a hold of earth.  With their dark clutches they'll continue to control, manipulate and destroy.   It is so as we watch the torture of our animals in the Gulf of Mexico.  It is so as we watch certain areas of the word being manipulated through malevolence and chaos. 

There are grids (IN SUCH CHAOTIC SPACES);... grids that connect those areas to the planetary systems holding a reversal of rotating particle composites.  Cycles that rotate opposite from the centralized paradise worlds of the heavens (the lost paradise worlds stationed beyond the ''time dimensions of our earth's physical reality''... the dimensions where the wheel of karma plays havoc (3D through 4.5D).

This horrific situation was no accident.  It was all orchestrated for the purpose to deviate the plan of ascension through certain points of earth's territories in order to collapse the ascension portals.   They controlled this situation willingly.  It is so but it need not be.  

Please claim your territories in service to the divine plan of ascension - Please claim all your territories in service to the ''descension'' of your Divine Identity into your physical body for the purpose of your own safe ''ascension'' process.  The earth (sadly now only parts of it) belong to us not to the dark forces. 

Please claim your space - Benevolence needs to win!  Malevolence OUT.

This was written in service to the divine plan of ascension - personal contract viewing and codes of ascension DNA format accessibility: Spring-1996.

Azure.Azur - Linda Halliburton

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