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Please abstain from taking any text from this website. 

This is intellectual-spiritual property copyright of Linda Halliburton. 

It is May of 2014.  After all these years it has now come to my attention from those honorable souls who have regarded my written-material from my very beginnings.... "concerning this issue".  ץ  Please know: I will protect the integrity & authenticity of my website both physically & from the higher realms - I stand firm ה

Being spiritual does not mean we should allow ''feeding'' of our written creations.   "Healing: yes - "Feeding" no!

Those low evolved souls who copy without regards are not healed by the wisdom of those that they copy.   They simply 'feed' like a predator; parasitic in nature.  This is so because they think they cannot access 'their own'.   Such distorted belief keeps them in a 'wheel-of-theft' which blocks inner access to truth while diminishing their true authenticity.

~If you are 'mis-using your power' as you 'feed' of another just know this was never part of your healing business equation~

If you are creating a healing business please abide by Universal Law - stealing is not allowed!.   I suggest you go into heart & access your own information!   

Advanced healers know spiritual etiquette & consequently "the rules".  As such they abide by Universal Law standards!  ~Karmic reversals will occur when taking information from another Human-Angel is done without permission!  

The not so advanced will 'copy' information (at times mutating it to make it 'look' as their own).  Such action will taint a fakeness to their field - this is easily viewed from the Heavens.   Such low integrity will block 'healing continuance' - until they choose to respect the property of another.. (this regards intellectual property as much as physical)     *Nothing is hidden!

At earth's level there are also laws protecting the originators of web-text-intellectual creations!   Nothing can ever be deleted nor the dates of the writings.

The information in this entire website is protected:  I have a legal Copyright of everything from date of 'original' creation.   Same copies sent to trust-worthy-familiars of all that I've written!

 In addition there are Akashic Records files of all my original written creations since 1996.    If one is not going to abide by earth's copyright regulations at least abide by universal laws!  ~ At those higher levels things are different with stronger refinement of  measures sustained by 'karmic reversals' when violation occurs. 

~  In reducing parasitic-predatorial tendencies - Integrity & purity are key ~  There is no purity, no integrity in betrayal.

~ Copyright© by Linda Halliburton.  All Rights Reserved ~

אל שדי


  Please continue reading if you need a service or wished to be blessed by my writings without interference or infringement of my property!   If you choose not to abide by this request please close this page & retreat - the line has been drawn.

 ~ thus far & no further! ~


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Physical debilitation healing capacity:

energetically clearing parasites, bacteria, fungus/candida, disease causing microbes, viruses, chemicals, poisons & toxins.


Received: Spring of 2000:  The process of this clearing begins with me going into the physical structure via a process that is called “remote viewing”.   As I go into the biological intelligence I am able to detect which condition resides within the body that no longer serves the individual. 


Infestations of a parasitic, bacterial, fungal and/or chemical nature are intrusions that from the spiritual realm can be easily detected, deleted and cleared.  Clearing takes place as the vibrations being used for this clearance are of a higher frequency of light than the ones the bodies are holding.  What I actually do is go into the physical body and clear such condition energetically from there first, then I go into the cell and deprogram the memory of such degenerative situation (fungus, viruses etc.) and reprogram it with a new divine blueprint of health.  The spiritual body at that point does its own purging of all being cleared at the physical level.


The energies used in this specific modality are the cool (as ice) Electronic Ray Substance of the Great Physician - The Omnipresence Creator God.  His/Her healing energies are very cooling and soothing as the healing is being performed.  Once the energy saturates the entire system, the vibratory rate of the person is very easily raised (at a cellular level), thus allowing the body to continue healing from any other degenerations, decay &/or aging.   


I automatically then if necessary go into the Golden Webb (the protective field that surrounds the soul) and release all distortions, parasites &/or mucus of any kind, thus allowing the Webb to also repair, refine and polish itself into it’s own golden tone of undifferentiated divinity & light.  The feeling left from this process is one of freshness, coolness and deep peace. 


If you are in need of healing please search your heart and see if this modality is perfectly right for you.   I am in service to all in need & in most humble service to the Most Divine Undifferentiated Source who performs all healings  through me. 


copyright©2000 by Linda Halliburton. All Rights Reserved.

All sessions are private and confidential.

The cost per session is $90.00 per hour.


Copyright © 2001 by Linda Halliburton