Everyone is on earth to bring Earth into such Eternal States!  

There is no other reason to be here but to resuscitate her from her sleeping status & release her from captivity.

Earth has been in dark force surveillance for too long.  She has been held captive and controlled for eons of time.   It is time to free the aspects of her body now ready & able to be freed.  

These are the areas not saturated ''completely'' by dark power.   Parts of 3D earth will continue to collapse on itself - we have seen it already. 

The aspects of earth we nurture will be amplified & synchronized into higher dimensional status.  So Please Please claim your space & territory!   The homes we (benevolently) nurture will be safe & allowed entrance into the eternal worlds.  Higher Dimensional Merging will apply - spiritually, organically, biologically & at all levels. 

 We as human are to also resurrect our own ''sleeping'' ascension codes held within the DNA template for such purpose of unification with our Spirits.

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Benevolence is the order of the day.. choose and choose well!

Do not compromise... BE FREE!