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I mention my heritage for those who receive my healings. 

For those who wished to know more about my earth versus my angelic composition in connection to the healigns that I offer.  The authenticity of my work is mentioned in my heritage (both in human & angelic form).

Some of you have asked about the basis of my spiritual work & so here it is - an entire page dedicated to this information.  

This information can also help with learning the specified  terminology of ancestral composition that may come up during the sessions for your own healing.  

Both compositions (angelic and ancestral) work hand in hand & in perfect divine harmony.   It is the perfect merging of the divine angelic identity with the divine human identity

This information is also written for those who wished to access their own DNA composition & retrieve their ancestral memories for the purpose to release all of its  ancient "hidden" karma. 

This release of ancestral karma will allow one to gradually access their own original heritage template here on earth & assist with the alignment of  their original divine blueprint & the many aspects of one's higher identity.

Reading about certain tribes can trigger memory for those that are already attuned to their own cellular registry of similar memory programming.

In addition:  Those of you who have asked are a bit new at this type of remote viewing experience.  Just know that your Spirit works at the holographic level.  You need NOT be in the presence of a healer in order for this work to be successful. 

It would be your spirit doing the work not the healer.    Healers have the capacity to hear &/or view the invisible worlds of the Spiritual realm and as such this type of work can be done via Remote Viewing.  & via the connection of the healer as she is able to hear &/or view your Spirit.   If you could communicate with your Spirit you may not need the conduit of a Healer. 

This specific information is regarding a real - qualified & experienced healer.  One who works in alignment with your ''benevolent'' Free Will (once both egos have been laid down during the sessions).... and  within the integrity of Universal Law & Principles.

May you be blessed as you walk this earth in peace.  Stepping gently, lovingly and quietly.    May the blessed Silence of your steps guide you gently to your lands of origin!  The lands where the  ascension portals wait your return to Paradise. 

The gateways to paradise are inside of you.  You find the Thresholds of Enlightenment through the inner gateways.  After you find them 'within' then your ''outer steps'' will guide you safely to the specified localities that will assist your easier exit from 3D.

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