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Importance of removing Imaging Cubes

Many Imaging Cubes are found sustaining (& anchoring) the implants in place.   Once the specific Implant is removed the Imaging Cube holding it in place must be dismantled.  Otherwise the Cube can create same negative creation through the replication of the implant just removed.  

 If the further removal of the Cube is not successful (some healers do not see the cubes) a replication of distortion will take place even after the implant is gone.  The Cube will replicate the same pattern of distortion that was held within the implant and the problem will return.  An Imaging Cube will mirror back negativity from the outer world as it emits its own "darkness mechanism" from the implant that it held in place.  

Not only are these Imaging Cubes anchor points for the implants; they are also memory storage facilities holding same negative patterns and their triggered mechanisms.  They are storage facilities & "informational replicas" of such implantation devices and without their removal the negativity will certainly come back.  They must be removed or the clearing will be voided!  This later effort of removal is the final stage of such completion.

I noticed Imaging Cubes in 2000 while I was removing Implants from my own etheric body; it seemed that removal of the implant by itself did not bring the results that I desired.   I never felt quite right after the simple removal of an implant.  Further viewing was a necessary tool and gladly as the Imaging Cubes revealed their presence then the clearing did continue as intended for completion.  

Finding the sub-frequencies stored within the Cubes was a very enlightening experience; one that had allowed me to be able to perform my own healings personally and privately.  And without the doubt that another healer performing the clearing may not have the refined (viewing) capacity to detect them from their spatial areas of concealment.  Such completion of removal would have been voided and thus rendered useless from such clearing.  

Please be advised that HAARP Activity also triggers the expansion of the Imaging Cubes allowing the implant to increase in power and continue with its input.   

           Geometric numerical component of Imagine Cubes:  Soon to come!


Copyright 2003 by Linda Halliburton

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