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Yes I said Microsoft; the operating system that most of us use daily!   Please please if you are bothered by the ''claws'' that Microsoft has on you maybe a bit of research into the completely FREE operating system called Linux is now due!   Be sure that you stay away from the Linux distributor Linspire (freespyre).   Some type of agreement with Microsoft is factual & as such their new created proprietary license no longer serves you in your search for freedom.   Many other distributors are there for your choosing of un-restricted usage & the liberties provided!   

Microsoft is part the third dimensional planetary system...

Microsoft is one major player in the corruption of "the system".   Holographically speaking it is a closed systematic matrix!  You heard right: An informational matrix that is closed, shut down and corrupted!   Not open as some of you may think!   It needs to either upgrade for the highest good of all concerned or collapse with the rest of the Gestapos.   

My hopes are that Microsoft will come to their senses; but it is a fact that they are remaining with their restrictive agendas as they continue their pursuit in their attempt to co-create with Linux.  Linux does not need Microsoft; the point in creating Linux was to do away with Microsoft.   I now say to all those that are willing to see the truth behind the sham:  It is time to do away with is time!  

All said about Microsoft relates also to the co-creative corruptive methods that are instilled into their virus protection programs.  If there was ever a corrupted system... think about it.   Have you ever wondered who in reality are the true creators of these Viruses?.  (I will leave this one to your imagination)

Everyone has been manipulated!  These programs has been secretly pushed into the people.  Pushed to the point where everyone has been subservient to their "furtive" motives as we buy into such notion that they keep us safe from such continuing errors.   These purposely created troubles allows their frequency control agendas (& devices) to covertly ''control'' the population.  It is part of ''the frequency control''... the frequency control of the system

Think about this:

Microsoft sells a software that is very vulnerable.  This software is called: Windows.  They also sell many ''other'' softwares that supposedly protects against such vulnerability.     How much "frequency control" is here?    I'll say just enough to keep us all under their hooks and dependent on their self proclaimed solutions.  Solutions that in reality are not really working.   It is an exhaustingly futile & never ending battle against these corporate schemers.

Through the mental and energetic control they have exerted over the people their extreme (yet subtle) ways of manipulation had 'eternally' succeeded...!


....Since the people are obliged to buy into their products for the eternal life of such perpetration, the plot will continue until we as a whole decide to make the shift & thus terminate connection.  If we are to do away from such 'eternal' bondage; we must research our other options. 

With Linux you need NOT ever ''purchase'' a Virus protection program again; viruses were created for Microsoft computers.  So I will ask again:  who do you think are the creators of these viruses?   Please ponder this for a moment; the truth may be closer than you think.

* Luckily the gradual termination of Microsoft (& its degradation) has began!   Its gradual descent has already began just as Linux starts to make its mark!  The old and corrupted is going; the new and benevolent is taking place!   Supporting Linux supports the New Divine System.  One that is based on freedom, harmony and the wellness that a peaceful mind emits. ....allowing us to breathe more easily! 

New corporations that serve the Highest Good of all concerned are now ready to take over the exact position that the corrupted ones are leaving.   The corrupted corporations are not lasting... from your place of new enlightenment watch their collapse as they irrevocably & permanently corner themselves into areas beyond recall... irreversibly moving into areas of no return!

This is the 3rd dimension leaving!  

This along with the 3D planetary matrix information was written from my holographic viewing of quantum energetic status.  Holographic effects are grand; they affect the entirety of the earth and the galaxy it now inhabits.  

The hologram where the 3rd dimension resides is collapsing and as such it is affecting the earth's planetary grid & the gravitational fields holding the earth's magnetic and electrical template in place.  This shifting is consequently allowing the rest of the earth to move upward into dimensions where planetary grids are stabilized in different matrixes of photonic vibratory power.  Vibratory powers of higher integrity and the fluid love of Christed natures.        

This was written in service to the Divine Plan!

May the Blessings Be!


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