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Please read at your leisure; there are 3 parts on the animal kingdom & 1 section dedicated to the Divine Beings that are helping.

Have we lost our POWER as a human species...?   Have we lost the power to be the divine caretakers of our animals....? .... and as such for our own beloved Mother Earth? 

This horrific situation was no accident.  It was all orchestrated by forces that have held our earth in captivity for eons of time....  See a brief description: link.

The following is a vision to assist the animals; the one's stuck in most compromised oil confinements.  This vision now turned to prayer was screaming from within my Soul Essence.  It is a visionary-prayer that also came to me (in 2001) 3 years after the Valdez Oil disaster in Alaska of 1989.   Then it was a sudden emergency request  from a baby Beluga Whale to assist her grouping-family much affected by the oils.

Vision - prayer = manifestation!

May 22 - May 24, (2010)

Knowing that some of these animals may never be found as they go through such torture & complete isolation in such dire waters I have been commanding in divine intricate detail that the 'slowly dying creatures' be taken into ''Sudden Ascension Status''.   This had to be done in automatic sudden manners, not gradually so as not to allow the suffering any longer. 

Ascension Programs
have been placed in the worst areas of the spill.  We have received permission from the Courts of Heaven (Cosmic Tribunals) to ascend these creatures.  Many have died already but those that were were left behind and still alive (suffering greatly) were given the Codes of Activation for ''automatic'' ascension.   There are many Elohim Directors allowing such creatures into the higher realms.

This can be done because these creatures are pure enough to hold the high frequencies & to travel into the higher dimensions without causing any combustion to their beautiful little systems.  
Purity is key (animals are pure) and as such they are safe to travel out of 3rd & 4th dimensional reality & into spaces of higher integrity.   

These creatures do not carry an ego body; this is a great protection for them for it is the ego that blocks ascension.  Since these creatures have no ''judgmental programs'' holding the ego in place... or any other issues blocking them from being totally pure this means that their systems are okay to ascend almost without notice....  

For such creatures ascension may be very easy...
ego - no judgment..
.= no hooks
to hold them in 3D and the hellish environment of such waters. 

Their only survival imprints are NOT sustained by ego.  Instead they are sustained by the Creator & the Over-Soul Species representing each one of those wild creatures.  Wild or not Creator is sustaining their survival imprint mechanism.   These imprints are driven by pure Angelic triggers not by ego as with humans.   Ego is what will ultimately prevents one from ascending safely.     Safety through ascension?  Yes.... very easy for the Animal Species!   My heart expands in joy and I feel much gratitude for the process and permission through ascension. 

Many of the 'surviving' creatures suffering a slow death are being placed into sudden ascension programs which hold the photonic conductivities allowing them to safely disappear from the oceans thus polluted.   They are being removed from areas where ''the spill'' is creating a systematic torture of (slow) death process & complete degeneration to their systems. 

Many are ascending; please hold your thoughts for them as you see them going upGoing up into heaven - even while alive - this is
PHYSICAL ASCENSION...!    Many of you had experienced ascension before; if you don't remember allow these creatures to open your memory banks and assist you with the recollection of such history.  Ascension is real & here we have an opportunity to remember our past records.  ''Know Thyself & you will Know the World all Around You!''

If you see a creature alive in the Gulf yet suffering through the roughness of those oiled waters & with little chance for survival; PLEASE put them in the light.  See them ascending and taking the elevator Home into the Creator Worlds of Higher Integrity!  Send their image to Creator and command their ascension triggers!!!   Their Over-Soul Species will take care of the rest!

We are the Caretakers of the animals and we are the Caretakers of our land.  As such we do not want these creatures to suffer a slow and painful death.   So we are asking for them to be placed into the inter-dimensional subatomic surfaces (mini portals) where their Ascension Particles would be suddenly revived, divinely rewired and dimensionally amplified for the purpose of quantum ascension triggers.  

They will then be taken into the rightful place of expression for them within the light & into a higher dimensional level of safety.  Safe from torture and safe from the pollution of such waters.  Safe from the consequences of karma thus created by us humans.

Some will travel into the physicality of the 5th dimension first in preparation for higher dimensional ''sliding motion conductivity''.... & into 6D & on and on! 

They will move from dimension to dimension in divine safe organized status... & within the
speed of lightness that transpires through such automatic levels of final ascension.   Many are already being held in the arms of many loving Angels through the assistance of the Divine Elohim Creators.  Once there, death is not a process... they will continue their lives until each individual creature decide to move into higher species or remain as such within the light of their new found home & the safety of such residence!   

This was written in service to the divine plan of ascension - personal contract viewing and codes of ascension DNA format accessibility: Spring-1996.

Azure.Azur - Linda Halliburton




PS.  Animals hold a very high vibration but for many the earth is not reaching their vibration fast enough.   Don't be surprised if certain wild animals in areas where safety ''seems'' to abide...  also become extinct and disappear from 'their' areas.   More on this a bit later on this newsletter.



A mature Beluga Whale in infested oil waters: Valdez Oil Spill (March 24, 1989).  These ones in clear blue water (mother & baby) & (Mr. Elder "Quirky" Smile) seem safe from trouble...

This situation in the Gulf has taken me to a time (years ago in 2000) when a brilliant 'white' baby whale appeared in my meditation with same problem.   She was asking for assistance.   I had never seen such white whale before & I thought it was an Angel; later to realize it was a Beluga.  She came often; I felt guilty; I felt helpless.  I knew not what to do. 

Baby Beluga continued coming week after week, month after month.  She trusted, she was insistent.   I had to do something.   I wrote to friends & asked for prayers!  She continued coming!  I was being shown how many of her species were dying of a very painful form of stomach cancer (gastric cancer) which was created by the infested oiled waters from an oil spill that occurred years ago in the Oceans near Alaska. 

I was in New York then but such remote viewing capacity was pretty intense!  The Baby Beluga insisted that I watch this!

Through my remote viewing capacity & the help of Baby Beluga I could detect some sores growing inside their gastric areas.  These were from some of the Belugas that survived the oil disaster & were now stationed in other area of the oceans (I suspect areas still polluted yet cleaner from such oils).   It was a decade later but the growing danger now was stationed within their own bodies!  I suspect the oil residual invisible to many was still a very danger years after the disaster... the whales had the proof within their stomachs...

I could also detect some "growing" sores within the outer layers of some of the whales' skin surface.  In the midst of all their pure radiance and the soothing slickness of their skin...  nasty sores seemed to develop.  I could feel their pain & sorrow.  The salt water was creating excruciating pain for the ones who's sores were growing now within their outer layers.  This was all due to all the oil they had ingested.

For the ones with gastric cancer eating seemed to be a painful ''chore''...!    Their beautiful mouths registered a sadness even through the ''seeming'' permanent smile of such beautiful genetic make-up.  I could detect tears even in the midst of all that water.   Sorrow, pain & sadness were the ruling elements in their mundane daily reality!  I felt totally helpless and with them I cried my eyes out!

It was during one of my Inner Light Body Activations and a removal of a big chunk of karma that Baby came back again & in alignment with the rest of Her Species I had asked for the specific Automatic Ascension for the group that she presented.   *I could hear her murmuring softly: "decipher.. decipher... decipher your geometries".   With that said I was able to decode some of the advanced formatting held inside the structures. This allowed for an automatic numerical deciphering for the purpose of Her group's ascension.  It all happened very fast ... so fast as if almost unreal.

Baby Beluga ''woke me'' up to this possibility of ascension for her special Soul Group Family.  I think there were about 20 to 25 in this specific group.   Such ascension trigger would have allowed the opportunity for other Beluga groups to also do the same.   Many Angels were given the permission to intervene for this procedure. 

(please remember that because of the laws within this free will universe it takes one on earth to give permission to the Angels to intervene and assist us through our progress.   If we don't ask they cannot assist.  It is a basic lesson of universal law procedures one needs to understand when working  with the Angels)

After seeing her group ascend.. I was satisfied for finally I could hear her telepathic message.   She proudly showed a ''true exuberant smile'' in loving recognition of my own personal healing capacity and the ability to finally understand her message!  There was a huge celebration as these beautiful & unique majestic creatures were being physically removed & finally taken 'upwards'... (fluid flowing transportation into the Safety of Eternity).  I could detect many loving angelic arms taking these ''debilitated'' yet brilliant creatures and advancing them into the Higher Dimensions!  Free from the pollution of those waters & Finally free from such excruciating pain!  

I realized then that this was their only solution (ascension)!    I already knew that us humans were working on our Ascension Programs but it took a while before I could actually realize that her message was the same.

Baby Beluga seemed to know my soul very deeply.  She had a trust for me that I forgot to recognized within myself!  Within this recognition I began to notice Baby Beluga extending her deep gratitude towards the entire human species.  It was then that I also began to recognize that anything done for one creature can affect the entire 'holographic status' of all species.   I started to understand 'holographic imagery' and the truth of 'quantum physics' through such process of alignment as I connected with the (ascended) Beluga Whale Family.

The Beluga Whale experience is also a gradual process that humans will go through as well, but for us it has to be very gradual because of the density of the ego and the mire of past karmic creations.  Which would need to be deleted.   Otherwise (unlike the animals) our systems would combust if we did an automatic sudden ascension.  

With all that said:  Many of us & many of you are path-cutters leading the ascension process upwards for humanity & into the higher dimensions!

Here is a simple explanation of ascension:  If you were already walking through the Thresholds of Enlightenment & you were to increase your dimensional overtone vibration to 12D you would not be visible to those of 3D anymore for you would be too pure for them to actually see you.   Too pure to have you in their presence.   This is why we don't see Angels. 

This is what is now happening to some creatures from the Gulf and the 'specific' Beluga Group from years back!   ''Some'' forms of extinction (disappearance) really means Ascension!

Since those earlier years with the Beluga Baby I have learned many energy dynamics which have  now triggered an inner desire (& obligation) to help the ones at the Gulf in the same manner.  

(Now I am being reminded to check on the status of the Beluga Species once again).  (There is work to do.. for not all ascended.)   Please check on the animals you are guided to protect & comfort... if you feel guided they are waiting your communication.    *(to continue)*   !


APART FROM THE OIL SPILL:   The earth is a painful place for many animals mostly because of the low vibrations going on in many areas.  Haarp is a conductor of distorted electromagnetic frequencies and a great contributor of such pain.  I have felt deep pain from Haarp on a daily basis.   If you or your pets suffer from such constant bombardment of EMF please command a deactivation, neutralization and deletion of such frequency.   Eventually you will not be bothered as much!  

If you are one that holds a high vibration & have worked on yourself ... you too could be sensitive to such adverse negative creation (haarp).   The purer you are the more sensitive to the impurities of the 3rd dimension. 

In many areas (even in some naturally wild & beautiful) the Divas, Fairies and Elementals are not present anymore.  Such areas are devoid of high vibrations because the low overtone dimensional numerics thus created by Haarp activity.  Such anti-christ activity had expelled many such Etheric Helpers & reduced the number of our animals. 

****It was in 2000 that I got a very strong message regarding ''certain'' Animal Species becoming extinct.  I received a message that certain species not able to support HAARP activity bombardment (& for other reasons) had ascended due to the extreme pain to their nervous systems creating a debilitating status to their sensory bodies & their overall physical capacity.  This attack to their sensory bodies would reduce their mental awareness; an awareness which would normally assert their successful survival in the wild.  

Consequently this debilitation would have created a reduced status to their entire skeletal system (bone marrow, bone structure,  ligaments, muscle nerves and tissue) which would have began a slow degenerative process to their entire physical biological intelligence.   The request from their Over-Soul to exit the earth through ascension was thus granted.   Yes some animals do become extinct because they are allowed to be taken through ascension into the higher realms and into the Over-Soul body of Mother Earth which resides safely in the Higher Dimensions.*****


Albino Wolves are very pure and their electromagnetic system very advanced.  Many are needing to leave (ascend) because earth is not reaching their vibration high enough (or quick enough).

Many animals are asking to be removed specially in certain areas too enmeshed in Haarp Activity.  Areas throughout the world are of concern but specially closer to Gacona, Alaska where the main core structure of HAARP was built.  The Haarp Program began in 1990.

*It is just too painful for some animals to stick around and/or wait for us humans to reach their purest level. We will see them again once we reach similar ascension progress!  They will also visit during meditations or through dream time.  If you are very awakened you will feel them very near*


The specific Elohim mentioned in this message are the ones in charge of the Animal Kingdom, the Mineral Kingdom, The Elementals and all of Earth's creation.   Devas, Fairies and all sorts of Etheric Helpers work in divine alignment with The Elohim mentioned in this page. 

There are other Elohim mentioned in my website.  Those hold 49th Dimensional overtone vibrations & they travel closer to 12D to assist us with our DNA work.  They assist with healing & furthering our light-body activations.  These activations (DNA up to the 12th) are asserted through certain karmic clearings.   As the clearings are performed the vibrational overtone level of the soul is raised and automatic activations become available.   Activations can only transpire after certain clearing of karma; lowering of ego and gradual judgment has been cleared.   After such mire has been completed activations are then safely allowed.

As already mentioned; with the animals there is NO karmic clearing so ascension is automatic!

These Elohim that work with the people are also the ones assisting with The Grids.   But right now as we work with our animals we are specifically working with the Elohim in charge of the Elemental Power, animal kingdom included!   These Elohim reside somewhere upwards from 12D & up the ladder of divine consciousness.(12D-24D)

These are Elohim Creator Forces in charge of the Earth Elementals and also the Assistant Creators of multidimensional realities (they work in conjunction to the 49D).  They hold the Christ Frequency Dynamics of Love; Divine Regeneration; Divine Purpose and Resurrection through Ascension.  

The Divas, Pixies, Fairies & Elementals all reside somewhere between 6D-12D & 12D-24D; depending on what type they are (angelic, water, air, fire, moon/sun, sleeping, etc)!  They are the Etheric Helpers helping the Elohim Directors of 12D-24D.  They are invisible to humans... but not for long.  As more of us continue clearing; the sooner these beings will walk side by side.  

Some of you probably ''see'' them but are not yet consciously aware!   While not yet able to physically see them, it is advised that:::  if you wished to view them - close your eyes & ''see''!

The four Elementals are: water, air, fire, earth.  The fifth Element is the akasha, 

The Akasha = the spiritual realm.  The Akashic Records are the orbital dimensional spaces where ALL the records of the Soul are held..  You can read a brief detailed explanation on The Elements in my webpage Back to Basics at the end of this message.

The Gulf:  

The request for the safe removal of these creatures from our polluted areas (oil spill) is a work in progress... & it will continue until the oil is cleared in totality.... 

You can do your prayers also & use divine visualizations as you feel guided.   Please hold faith in your prayers and meditations.. rather then judgment or accusation.  Judgment at this point will void the good ''casual effect'' of the nature of the request.   The prayer that I am sending tomorrow will hold the ones responsible in the presence of the Courts of Heaven (Cosmic Tribunals) which will affect what is going on at the physical level as well. 

I am sending the prayer tomorrow.... !    I will also send another request in connection to the actual oil in the Waters & the prayer to assist the removal & its divine transmutation & deletion. 

This was written in service to the Divine Plan - Contracts of Ascension!

Many Blessings

Linda Azure.Azur Halliburton

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