Any negative imprints such as: anti-christed spiritual signatures, symbols or hieroglyphics will be totally dismantled and destroyed.  Many implants were created and implanted for controlling purposes thus the insertion of these degrading influences (imprints).  These influences are used to restrict & debilitate the bodies holding such devices!    

Many of these imprints are simply residual imaging programs that are intertwined with one another inside the memory of the cell.  The dark codes contained within these programs are the consequential effects derived from the specific 'misuse' of will & power dealing with black magic.  Or some other form of negative decree or incantation previously performed for the purpose to control or manipulate another.  They are stored in certain individuals who in a previous time or lifetime had (ignorantly) delved in such degraded influential power & corrupted perpetrated actions.

That previous lifetime is now gone; but the memory of the imprint still remains!   

Many of these people have chosen to serve their 'light' (not darkness) in this incarnation and so clearing such memory is thus needed if their spiritual progress is to be successful.  They know that benevolence is key for the graceful process of Ascension... and as such their intent to heal had triggered many deep layers of negative karmic memories many never knew they held inside.

Not all people are afflicted by these memories & karma.  These rare situations.  Nonetheless; those that are experiencing such affliction know that something is not quite right inside of them.  Through the 'detection', 'viewing' & final 'removal' of such traumatic memory now their inner bodies start to blossom in divine purification.  


Copyright 2001 by Linda Halliburton