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Saluting all tribes

I salute my brothers and sisters of the Dojon Tribe & all other benevolent tribes stationed throughout this vast and massive land.  

To the Incas & Mayans who long ago understood (& accepted without judgment) the concept of my personal sacred geometrical creations.   Your unwavering faith in me during such ancients times brings me hope for the work that is needed here today.  Modernization can now benefit from our knowledge of the past. 

May we encounter each other & (as before) we continue to share our unique, individual & distinct ancient knowledge.  And together fulfill our return to the Promised Land.  

And you my Hindu familiars who throughout the centuries have been my comforting guides, my friends, brothers & sisters, teachers and students.   For lifetimes I have walked you through your shadow side and you have walked me through mine (all in preparation for what is to come).    Oh how close do I feel to you today!  

I salute all of you who hold the secrecy of your ancestors & the memories of your ancient lands.  Sacred lands now under (ancestral) protection & the hidden corridors which were once routed safely to the cosmos.    Lands of long ago - lands not that far away.

You too hold a piece of the puzzle.  I ask that divine unification transpires as we all work through this holographic tapestry & together re-align it to the unified benevolence & the ''cosmic safety'' of the Heavens.

My highest honoring goes to you.  May your God-Inner-Powers help sustain the earth & the challenges she suffers. 

Such unwanted chaos...

it was seen, viewed and so it came to be...!

now we shift Her back into paradise again - upward & inward - through the stairs of dimensional ascension!

Copyright 2001 by Azure.Azur Linda Halliburton

May the divine benevolence ofBerbers Page Tribal Intelligence help restore

the safe evolutionary biological plan & the ascent of mother earth.