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Definition of the nature of Spirit versus the nature of the Soul

The Soul Matrix:

The astral and the soul bodies are intertwined between the 4, 5 & 6 dimensional levels along with a 3rd Soul Aspect dealing with the Angelic Essence!  The Angelic Essence connected to the soul is held within the 6th dimension.

We have other Angelic Identities holding higher Source Identity Frequencies that vibrate at higher cosmic levels past the 15th dimension but here in this message we are only speaking of the one connected to the Soul Matrix (4 to 6D)!!  (D = Dimension)

Soul Matrix = stationary dimensions 4th-5th-6th.  The physical aspects held at the (cellular/atomic/sub-atomic) biological intelligence levels are held within the 1st-2nd-3rd dimensions.

 The Spirit:

The Spirit is the energetic holographic essence that sustains all the bodies in integral alignment.  This include the sustainability of the physical body along with all other dimensional bodies that reside at higher levels.  Soul included. 

In essence the Spirit is the consciousness that hold the bodies together.  It sustains all dimensional levels of the individual & it is composed of its own personal holographic matrix. 

When the Spirit is broken because of the injury of the soul or because of the ego or because of any physical biological debilitations this means that areas of the individual's holographic matrix is broken.  In such instances the glue that holds the bodies together through the spirit is compromised & so fragmentation takes place.  Such glue is the consciousness we call Spirit. 

It is the glue that holds every aspect (of self) integrated with one another... at the holographic level of quantum cosmic consciousness.  When the Spirit is broken disconnection from God takes place.

The Spirit is never ending, it is multi-dimensionally vast and it reaches all the way to Source Divine Creator Essence.  In Spirit you are never separated from Source for you are such vast multidimensional being !   Only the lower bodies & ego separate from its Original Divine Creator Father/Mother God. 

My Work (in brief)

My work as a healer is to align people to their higher dimensional selves in order to retrieve the lost aspects of their spirit.  The original divine blueprint of soul once retrieved, synchronized and healed can assist the further alignment of the Spirit in highest levels of authentic divine identity retrieval. 

Your Spirit Name can come through (via) your Spirit once it is aligned properly through the physical as it allows the Soul to remember the Ancient Memory of its Source Divine Identity Programming.

My work mentioned in this website is to help others align properly to their Source Divine Essence & Spiritual unlimited potential.  We align also at the physical biological level for that would assert the process of Ascension. 

Ascension (in brief)

In Biological Ascension we descend the spirit into the body in order to ascend the physical out of 3D.   Through ascension and all mentioned in this page - we align at all levels of dimensional potential for the furthering of finally going home.  Going home without the death process.  This is the resurrection process that is finally coming - a cycle that will speed up between 2012 - 2022.  This is the second coming of Christ.  The universal Christ Consciousness!

Few have reached it already... and are silently leading the way. 

May you walk this earth in peace as you gently resurrect your Christ Identity Programming -  Reawakening through Ascension!


Preparation for activation 1989 - 1992  (personal upgrade for awakening)

'Biological Ascension'' contracts to start their activation: 1996 to 2012-2017

''Beyond Ascension'' contracts to start their activation: 2017 to 2022

"Cosmic Ascension" contracts to start their activation: 2022 & beyond


Copyright 2001 by Azure.Azur Linda Halliburton

Definition of the nature of Spirit versus the nature of the Soul.  to continue...