This page is specifically written for those living with such troubles.  To everyone reading these pages: please take what your heart claims as truth and peacefully release the rest.   It is not for just anyone.. but for those needing such assistance!

Please be advised: these wolf packs I am referring to are of dark natures.  There are many beautiful loving & benevolent Wolf Spirits that carry Divine Christ Protective frequencies.  In certain situations (rare circumstances) these benevolent ones will come to remove the ones holding anti-christ-spiritual-signatures. 

This specific battle between the light & dark is rare because these ''dark wolves'' are not very common - but they do exist.  Specially where Dark Medicine Wheels are stationed.   Sometimes they are stationed beneath the home of the one experiencing such energetic troubles. 

These are Medicine Wheels that were used in ancient times to create any form of massacres amongst ''certain'' original inhabitants of the land.  These were specific groups who delved in darkness thus creating such "reversed" particle spin within such medicine wheels.  These negative constructed vortexes within the 'wheels' would have allowed for 4th dimensional doors to be opened through such corridors (allowing darkness to "sip" through).

Some of these ''rare ones'' have been spotted in some subways of New York City in connection to the Philadelphia project & its relation to the Montauk project.  These projects through the "time rip" thus  created had allowed for a dimensional tear through the 4th dimension which allowed many dark entities to invisibly ''slide'' through into our earth plane.  

< I have seen them when I lived in Manhattan, along with many other "beings" that are now quarantined in Montauk.   I went to Montauk to take a few days of silence.   Some sporadic  Silence was there but not the ''pristine'' silence that I wanted.   Instead I found all the dark whispers & groaning and a viewing of their energies and even some ''specifics of identity''.   Some specific signatures & noises were detected through the hidden pipes of the home that was offered for my ''silence''.   I recognized such signatures & energies from my visit to Orion many eons back in time.

One word of advice: if you are sensitive or psychic in any way; if your hearing or smelling capacity along with your multidimensional visual capacity is advanced or just active::  "stay out of Montauk" . >   If you too had previously visited Orion during any of your divine spiritual projects in Service to the Creator - please stay out of Montauk.

Once found these wolf-packs will be removed from the earth just like any other dark entity.. but on occasion some may find themselves geared towards a new benevolent world.  I have witness such change of "heart" in certain special situations where their "diminished" inner-spark had ignited briefly in some of the most unsuspecting entities.

Many of these unsuspecting entities have discovered that they had been ''used'' all this time by other extraterrestrial forces of unscrupulous endeavors which exceeded their own.  And now the projection of light through the love vibration from much of earth's humanity is amplifying the hearts of many.  Even many of previously unwavering malevolent demeanor! 

Loving humans & loving animals can affect the condition of the hearts and minds of others not so conscious of such "feeling".   We can be conduits of the Christ Love & as such save the many that are lost & ''wandering''...

Ascension will reach its peak in the next few years leading to 2017 (& into 2022).   Are they going to choose Light or Darkness. -  If they so choose they can be assisted into light.  Forgiveness is in place specially during these times of final ascension triggers.  It is decision time.  

It is the final countdown!


These previous pages were written for those suffering from such problematic situations.   If you have such concerns call a qualified healer for the clearing of your karma.   Much assistance is available.

To those interested in ascension & not suffering form such dilemmas:  It is suggested that you do not concern too much with such situations.  Just live your live lovingly as you abide by the Golden Rule of unconditional love. 

When you live by example you allow your spark of light to reach all those "others" that are lost and just wandering through the lower realms.   No one needs to be left behind & they will be taken care of.  But you need not worry about such things. 

There is goodness out there; amplify yours to expand into eternity.  Without knowing it - you may just be saving one of those unsuspecting beings (& some ''victims'' thus concealed as "the dark forces").

You are powerful beings... of great spiritual endurance!   Do not overestimate your power to assist the earth ascend...

May you choose Peace.  May you too choose Light!.  May the Stillness of the earth assist you as you gently walk her Silent corridors into the higher realms.... (ascension)

This was written in service to the Divine Plan - Final Ascension Countdown!.

Azure: Linda Halliburton